What are the top players doing with Towers?

I’m no where near being a top player, but I’m finally at the point (after 14 months) where I am serious about building my defense.

As I was rising through the ranks, I thought that Lightning Towers were the $hit.  They seemed so deadly.  Now I realize they are joke, and perhaps the most easily defeated tower there is.  A decently forged Firestorm or Bladestorm cuts through them like butter.  They can get 1, maybe 2, shots of lightning before they are toast.  So I’ve put most of my Lightning Towers into storage.  

From what I’ve seen, the toughest defenses seem to be a combination of Firebolt Towers and Skull Towers.

Then, if someone makes it the Castle Gate, maybe some Snake Towers and Basilisk Towers - just because this increases the chance of defeating the gate before the towers and getting less than 100%.

I’m curious what the experienced players have to say about this. 

Heal towers are pretty awesome if forged enough. I disagree on lightning too. I keep 3 or 4 in my defense.  ING William Eric 1

A couple spikes, rest pro boosted jester boxes. 4-5 boosted heal towers, 4-5 boosted firebolt towers, 5 skull towers, 2 basilisk towers, couple bomb towers, rest lightning towers.

This is my base.

LTs turned to crap when they changed the range of bladestorm , so does the heal tower

Skull tower is also useless due to bomb kick aura 

In short there is nothing good left in defense to stop opponents

Only 60+ forgings helps a little bit

Everybody doesn’t use bomb kicking aura, personnally I prefer by far heal aura. Every tower has its strengths and weaknesses. Lightning and heal towers are weak to bladestorm, firebolt to fire, skull to ice and useless with bomb kicking aura, etc, but you can’t raid with all that stuffs to defeat them all. Whatever your attacking combo, if a base is well balanced with several different kind of towers, there will always be some aspect of the base being a pain for you (and the rest might be easy as well). Look at top bases, they all have like 5 or 6 different kind of towers, and are difficult with any combo (but defeatable). Only a very few bases rely on a very few number of towers, like mainly firebolt and jesterbox. These ones are trap because they are made to counter the classic combos (the ones that most people are used to), but with the right combo you can also defeat them.

And of course forge everything to have a better defense…

Do you have a well forged heal aura ring (like over 100%)? I prefer using it instead of the kickback aura ring. 

I am currently using bladestorm as well but that spell is kind of being phased out (since most defenses don’t have blockades/barriers anymore). 


@BoatieMcBoatFace i get the sense you’re talking about unboosted LTs, right? Boosted ones are still essential in every defense. 

Most mid lvl (4000 - 4500) use Skull and boosted lightning