What are these (Image Attached)

noticed 2 workers far left of the tent on my path, in the front, working in the mountains. expanding the game? what are they?

You are very lucky.  They are building the Doomsday Machine.  With this defense, anyone so foolhardy as  to attack your castle will be have freight trains hurtled at the offense force.  

Doomsday Machine… ? 

It’s just another Easter egg. Just ignore it for now. 

I’m not trying to ignore it, lol

Lots of people asking, no one knows yet.

the only speculation for now its we think something big arrive in 4.0. Its the 4th birthday of RR2. So in theory 4.0 should arrive soon. A another dungeon or a new single mode,etc…

Could be the link between 2 and 3

Actually, dude, I was just kidding about the Doomsday Machine.  

It’s a cool concept, but it only works if the other guy knows you have it. 

A time machine who allow to reverse time. So if you do a fight and make a mistake. Use the time machine once a day to recuperate the Foods. I don’t think its really that but who know :lol: