What are you doing???

I woke up late this morning. Then i 've checked the forum. Aether announced: +1 level for towers and obstacles. I realised what was going on. I was thinking to quit impulsively after seeing that. Then i thought why not making a mess on the forum? Yeah the same you did on this game ruining it,update after update.

Are you kidding me?Are you serious? 

My question is: are you able to do your job properly? 

One week ago more or less,you released the 2.2 update. After that you realised maybe there was something wrong with that so you decided to add new levels. @oPelle told me maybe because of uber chests items too overpowered. This is just a consideration of him. 

Let’s back to the main issue. What the hell are you doing Flare? Tell me the reason cause i’m shocked. 

I want to focus on the job a developer is supposed to do. I think behind an update there is a lot of work,patience and devotion. Everyone need to focus on the consequence the update will bring. The developer of a game is a professional figure of a company. He/she gets money from what they planned. So the job is supposed to be honest and proper. Even if an human may be wrong. We’re not robots. But the question now is different. Here we are talking about something that has no logic. 

When you released the 2.2,after one week what have you thought then? Well,why not add some levels? Right?

I think you’re not able to do your job. If after one week you realised that there was something wrong that means you didn’t think about the consequences the update brought into the game. This means you are ignorant about what you’ve just released. Even if there is a reason behind that,is not enough to explain what are you doing right now. Even if because the offense is stronger this is not the best solution. Your power as a company, is making of fun of our good intentions to make this game better.  This is only the reason to explain your impulsive ideas. All this confusion makes me realise that you’re not able to plan an update. The announcement was made the same day of the Boost your castle event. Without any previous notification or explanation. Is this a way to inform all the players about what you’re doing? Is it fair? Is it fair how you’re treating players? I’m feeling like you cheated on me. Me and all players of this game. 

I’m not only upset but resigned too. You’re the worst company i’ve ever seen. Flare,you are a company that founded a wonderful game but at the same time ruining it with your own hands. Please take note: You have ruined a wonderful game. And while i’m writing these lines,i’m thinking even more,no longer makes sense playing this game. That’s all

The Great Magician

Agreed 100%,  but it’s very very clear what and why its happened / happening.  

Imagine you are a coder / designer,  would you rather work on something exciting and new OR maintain and tweak something that you have already been doing for last 1-2 years? 

So software companies find their best developers will only stay if they work on new games etc etc,  the most Junior developers work on maintaining old games,  and the designers are exact same.  

That’s also btw why bug fixing is ignored completely as EVERY coder hates doing it as inevitably you are trying to understand and fix someone else’s mistakes and its a never ending task .  

Agreed 100%. this morning I saw that and what the fuck :blink: I really love this game in the past and invest 200% of my time but now its over I questioning myself to find a way to continue to play it. I find a solution reduce my time in this game at 20% only play during War and when my upgrade its finish that all.i don’t see the point to continue to invest so much time in a game where a company don’t sorry for this word don’t fucking care about their customers or the player who play this.

With 2.2.0 they kill their own game and now this morning again with a server update.What wrong with them? if you want to kill your own game just say it and people gonna find other game to play. Its not the game who messing on PC.

they don’t demand us what we thinking before doing it no why lost time to ask their customers about the game. Like TheGreatMagician say Its the worst company I have see since I play video game since 90’s

Normally when you have a company your main goal its listen your customers,give your customers the best service and all. We don’t find that here

I am tired of writing long posts to make Flare games understand what they are doing wrong. Just fire your feedback and production team.

WTF is this??? No way I am going for another level in towers and barricades. This sucks.


You gave me 30% discount on gems. I refuse. Even if you gave it with 90% discount, I will refuse. This 2.2.0 update is not worth spending a single dime.



I’m speechless. I’m totally speechless. I’m not able to say a single word. Just SHAME.

agreed wtf???

Please@Aetheri would like to know why nobody informed us earlier about these new levels introduced. It’s not possible to be treated like this. 

Let’s assign blame, remember those players who posted complains after complains of the defense “feels” weak and the new update “ruined” their hard earned defense? Now they “get what they want” … no wish goes unpunished in RR2 realm  :rolleyes:

This is not the way to balance a game. Especially adding new levels without telling anyone earlier. I’m not a developer they are. This is the worst way to balance a game. 

They wiped out all 20k of perk bonus I’ve gotten on spells through forging and uber chest by adding 1 level to towers. WOW.

The rhythm of the game:

  1. Spend hard-earned gems to get nice things.
  2. Flare makes nice things irrelevant by tweaking game.
  3. Spend hard-earned gems to get nice things.
  4. Flare makes nice things irrelevant by tweaking game.
  5. Spend hard-earned gems to get nice things.
  6. Flare makes nice things irrelevant by tweaking game.
  7. Spend hard-earned gems to get nice things.
  8. Flare makes nice things irrelevant by tweaking game.
  9. Spend hard-earned gems to get nice things.
  10. Flare makes nice things irrelevant by tweaking game.


All my hard work is flushed down the drain.


Flare, thank you for making me sad.


Sad hugs & kisses,


I am not sure I understand why you are upset here? Please explain to me.


Did you not think that more tower/trap levels would ever come out?




I wonder why the rhythm stops at 10? Feel free to use vester’s shoulder btw…

I think you’d expect more polish of the game, fixing skull perking, more innovative ways to balance defence/offence, longer paths at the sacrifice of towers, making firebolt towers useful for something other than stopping a 100% raid, making granny relevant again, new types of base buff influenced by castle buildings, e.g. winter generator making frosters more effective, ability to select a Queen, more balancing at the existing levels, rather than simply adding new ones which make the game more unbalanced.

Sadly I don’t think they will ever change the skull perks as not only did they add more skull perks in game in the last patch but the are a premium currency exclusive which means if they did change/remove them all their PAYING players would be in a uproar and probably quit/leave.


Balancing things is not something that has ever be a top priority ever. Money generated is their top priority and always has been.


Balance went completely out the window with elite boosts, then even further out the window with special unique alliance war perks and even further out the window with uber gears with tons of perks for things…see a trend here? They don’t care for balance at all and haven’t even attempted to care about it in a long time.


First, I would like to calm you all down. Flares never roll back anything. Even if it was the worst mistake ever (e.g. voucher system and skull perks). Therefore your protests will be heard, but as always… Ignored…

Flares are really trying to improve the game. The last 2.2.0 game update brought many very nice features. Improved players search, improved alliance data, more social features etc.

Nevertheless, as usual, they also must implement an additional cash-milking element in every update. So, the uber chests idea was born.

Then suddenly, after the update release, they have revealed that this cash-milking element has ruined the delicate balance between defense and offense…

How do you solve this quickly and without too much devs expensive hours? Right, just add another level to all the defense buildings…

So, what to do? Surprisingly, the best solution is taking Flares advise… Flares are writing in huge letters everywhere “PLAY FOR FREE”. In every app store. Therefore, indeed start playing for free. Start upgrading all at your leisure time. Slowly and patiently. Don’t rush. Don’t grind. Don’t buy gems. Join an easy going alliance. Enjoy chat conversations with your mates. Take it all easy and at last, enjoy the game… :slight_smile:

Quitting is not solving anything. If you like this game, then try to enjoy it.

Naughty naughty Caki. You are trying to divert the issue and to blame the wrong people. Nice try though. :slight_smile:

This is not the balance we wish. After the 2.2 they realised that something was wrong with that update. But not telling anyone earlier is out of bounds. Flare doesn’t know how to make this game balanced. These continuos changes are just impulsive and confusing and make me realise that even them (Flare) are unable to understand what they are doing. And this is bad. This is bad because those who are supposed to do its job properly in reality they don’t. This game is becoming more and more a chaos. A chaos that will get new players away from this game. They are totally ruining this game. 

I dont’ think they listened to players. Although they added more levels to make the defense stronger. Even if i think they will add levels for spells and units too so what they’ve done might sound like a nonsense. Personally i wrote a topic about that saying there’s no balance between offense and defense. But Caki should know that i didn’t ask for any huge change @caki . Neither new levels for towers and obstacles. But going back to the main point:offense and defense after 2.2 unbalanced.  Anyone want to tell me otherwise? Please look out there. Please. Those uber chests are giving players powerful items everywhere. All those items are overpowering the offense making raids very easy. Speed boost overpowered like as if the hero was Usain Bolt. Start morale overpowered:we are able to create a big big big army early from the tent (you can watch videos of that;start morale that exceeds the 160%). Xp items everywhere. Weapons stronger that exceeds so much the average of the hero level. Furthermore stupid perks introduced in many others items. What are we talking about? Are you serious? Is this the game full of balance and skills? Where is it? Who’s to blame? Not me,not you,guess who. Flare?! Even if they are trying to make the game better,they are doing it as usual in a bad and illogical way. There are many others issues to be solved. Add more levels is the best solution? I don’t think so. Well why introducing a new feature called uber chests? Because your aim as usual is to get more money? Didn’t you think about the consequence of uber items? In the role as developer is your mind far-sighted or not? 

I didn’t make all this mess. This is because of those who created this wonderful game. 

And solely blaming flare is the right one? We all know that some new levels are inevitable over the course of time, but so many complains accelerate it because flare see a quick cash generator in all those complains. 

Many times i write in my comment, be careful with your wish, because flare is an expert in twisting them… Don’t worry, i didn’t blame you alone, there are many top players outside this forum that complained about their “new weak base” (and/or bored because they already maxed everything for months now?). We also know from history that flare “don’t really know” what happen in the game (not system wise of course, but how the interaction of every element of the game with each other in real play, otherwise, the new level would have been released together with the new perks). The sudden wave of protest about the “weak base” put the new cash possibility right in front of their eyes, hell yeah, they’ll use it. It’s similar to the protest about scream items back then, players brought that to flare’s attention, then flare reduce the effectiveness of those items, then they found a new way to generate money (because the scream items are dead) by introducing skull perk/uber items.


I also can’t believe the solution is adding new levels, Caki is right, we got what we asked for…

Additional strength of towers, how is an army supposed to survive? A maxed sonic blast with forges on strength won’t be enough to destroy the highest levels. Will two blizzards be enough to destroy a max skull?  If the answer is no, then there is something very seriously wrong. Even with shield I guess that when a new maxed skull tower starts to fire,  bombs not kicked back will tear a shield right away and the next salvo means goodbye troops.

Jeezzz what’s next, higher spells and troops as rebalancing? Please don’t do it. I know flare will not undo the new additional level of towers and blockades. My gosh, what’s next?

Fact is that hero becomes less and less important, troops overpower him already, it’s that he can cast spells, otherwhise I would kindly ask you to replace the hero by a troop, at least he does some damage then. Remember that hero should be strong enough, he is most important in a raid, while lately I have the feeling, he’s not. Maybe time to rebalance by making the hero more important again by rebalancing him, instead of coming up with additional levels for spells, troops, towers plus obstacles. 

Now even a hero is dealing a lot of blows before even a scratch is visible on a tower. Do you even realise this?