What Calculations determine how much gold you get!

A teammate and myself were sharing our favorites list to help each other earn gold.  We are close in level.  I am 96 and a she is 101.  Are trophies are always close, sometimes she is ahead of me sometimes I am head of her.  Between 2100 - 2400 usually.  However the most amount of gold she will get from opponents will be under 200k.  The same opponent will pay out as much as 900K to me.  There is obviously a formula that determines the amount of gold that a player is able to receive.  I have seen in the forums players complain about gold raids only being around 100k, and how hard it is to upgrade 10mil plus towers at that pace, but I haven’t seen anyone post anything resembling a better understanding of how the system works and what we can do as players to increase the amount of gold we receive during raids.  I know the factors are not purely related to trophies or hero level.  I am thinking it could also be effected by the gross rating of maybe your spells and troops too. 

Could a less skilled player fall into situation where there statistics say they should be at one level, but their ability is at lower level?  Could that possibly be a factor?

Currently my best solution to this has been the creation of a Gold Equipment set.  At the moment I almost triple the amount of gold I receive from raids.  That certainly helps a lot.  But x3 of a 800K raid is a lot different then x3 of a 100K raid. 

Does anyone have any insight on how to manage your account to optimize the amount of gold you receive from raids?

I have make a topic on this and give the solution but with the new forum its impossible to retrieve it

there is many factor who determinated the gold

Before version 3.8.0 there is no camping mechanisms in the game so whatever the trophy range or level,etc… that was easy to find 500k,600k and same 800k,900k,etc… 

Since 3.8.0 Flare have change 2 things in trophy system also add a anti camping mechanisms. Player with 700 trophy difference give no more trophy. for the gold a lots of factors change the amound of gold 

1.Trophy range : How longer you are in this trophy range. More you stay and camp at the same trophy and more the gold will be low

2.Overall of power : If you are level 110 and drop at trophy 1,200 the game cannot stop you to trap low player to gain gems however the game will penalize you for camping in a low trophy range. So the game give you 10k,20k,50k or 100k maximum whatever you try to change opponent 50 or 100 times

So in short the game adapt with your power. the anti camping mechanisms was added to protect low player to be attacked non stop by high player and vice versa

By example a new players start the game and reach level 35 but are at 850 since 3 weeks but he have up his spells and units at level 8+. Too much OP for the place he is now. So the game will punish him to stay in low trophy range. He will get only 20k or 50k maximum

  1. There is also a another factor who can make the gold low or high. This worked great before 3.8.0 but after don’t seem to work anymore .Before you was able to trick the game and lose trophy -60 after 3 or 4 times to gain 700k and more. the game thinking you was weak.Since 3.8.0 this trick don’t seem to work anymore. I tested this and same if you lose 200 trophy the game don’t give you more. Its not impossible to get 1 or 2 opponent who offer 300k-400k this way but less effective than before

Solution :

if you see low amount of gold. Gain trophy until the trophy range match with your own power. If you are level 90 and have spells and units at level 10 so you should be at 3,500. If you are level 55 and drop at 600. You must gain trophy until reach 1,200+

the only thing you must remember Camping = low gold Gaining Trophy = High Gold

So if someone is level 90 at 2,100 and see 60,000 and someone at level 95 with 2,400 see 900,000 its because the one at level 90 camp for too long in the same trophy range and the game don’t allow him to gain gold vs the other who up and up and up and see 900,000

that its why if I get only 150k-200k its because i camp in same trophy range over month at 1,791. If i want to have permanently opponent at 700k+ I must up like I did at 1,900 and 2,000. I have drop once again at 1,700 so the game give me again max 150k-200k

Hope that answer your question

The gold you get is kinda like what Warriornator said. It is a percentage of the amount of gold the defender has in his Gold Chamber at that moment. Of course, in lower trophy ranges you won’t get very much gold, only about 50k-100k per attack at the most. But at higher trophy ranges, you could possibly get up to 1 million or more gold in one attack. The reason for this being that higher trophy or level players will have a higher level Gold Chamber, meaning they have more gold storage, meaning that attackers can steal more per attack