What chance did we have?

Not much, the best thing you really could have done was trying to get a peace deal, allowing you to build up towers for points.

But you are at the mercy of the other alliances…

Same here.

That is just insane.   U get no rewards at all after 8-9 days.    Even war gives some individual chests after being shut out for 2 days

That depends on the max score they were able to get.

Once a reward is unlocked, it remains unlocked even when dropping below in score.

I agree @Vinnypooh! Each war should hand out individual chests. Especially in these kinds of Conquests. What the heck was with the matchmaking?

Yeah, had the same issue in PK. International alliance bullied our players into a corner and got no towers left at all. 90% of our players couldn’t even twke their bottom ones. I doubt we’ll ever play Conquest again. Just doesn’t worth the time spent. I hope Flare gets their money worth from top alliances.

 Its shows them as being unlocked but the wording above suggests otherwise, guess we will find out

Is the same

russian heroes  LV62  rank232

Aslan777 LV63 rank 262

The working class L66 rank 234

Booster gold Lv80 rank 533

I can see the evil intent to use a weak alliance for matching :angry: ・・・

Flare , You do not have to make a map of conquest matching a map where ontracted the ugly part of the world.
Please fair clear all clearly like a game

This is a traditional Japanese play.
It is a game of matching seashells.
Shells separated from a shellfish do not match other things.

It is wonderful to ascertain the existence of the same ability.
You can compete, accept or enjoy.

Equality is the root of the game.

It is the most enjoyable game to play with the same skill. It is the same in chess, shogi and go.
No one likes to appeal to a weak position, to appeal to a strong person or to Sell the flattery.

 Such a thing is not a game. It is obedience.

Why does not matching ?

this game know basic things about games?



Besides, does Flare always want this obedience from different countries?

Is it really a game? Are you entertaining bullying for things that do not understand words?

To whom was the conquest mode devoted?

I want to talk with the producer a bit.

“Really this is what you want to do with the game?”

For the time being, the rule explanation outside English is not enough.Especially in conquest mode.

Why did you build so many towers? ? it will most likely put your team in the higher tier next time… don’t come complaining about matchmaker then. 

When expressed in Japanese
“I bought it because another alliance sold a fight to me”

Perhaps they wanted to sell me third place but I bought second place with a high price.

I do not think there will be good dealings from now on.
please do not worry. Still I enjoy matches and results.

How is your max score ? I hope you get all reward even your point get reduce