what day u would rather have war?

Pease vote what days are best for u to have war? 

How about a mix of weekend and weekday wars? First week war on weekend, next week a forum event/challenge, next week a week long weekday war, last week a new event or another forum challenge.

People work, have school and other obligations during the week. Weekend wars are much better for these reasons.

But I also think the war itself lasts too long, and once a week occurrence is too much as well. We have weekend chores, family and friends to maintain, social lives, etc. You can’t expect us to give up every weekend just to play a game event that has participation requirements and time restraints. Maybe if Flare made it shorter (like 36 hours instead of 3 freaking days long and modify the gameplay, cooldown, etc to compensate for the shorter time) it would be more acceptable. I understand different time zones are accounted for, but I think 36 hours is really enough even on a global scale.

And also please make it easier to abstain from war. Having to leave the alliance is not a good solution. There should be an option in-game to opt out of war before the prep phase, sort of like a pre-prep phase. Once prep begins, you would be locked in so match making can happen fairly.

Obviously I can’t speak for everyone, but I don’t schedule my entire day/week/month/year/life around a game. Trying to attack as much as possible to gain and maintain trophies, gather resources, upgrade Olympus, keep workers busy, etc, and now war every week while still living real life is quite enough. Please scale back the time commitment for some of these tasks. I want to make progress and not feel like I’m being penalized just because others have no life outside this game.

If you’ve read this far, I appreciate and thank you for your time :slight_smile:

I agree with Baldr

I agree with all except the statement, " I want to make progress and not feel like I’m being penalized just because others have no life outside this game."  I feel this is very uncalled for statement…  I am sure that statement, has alienated many players and is degrading, insulting and unfair.

What if war rotated. thus it was every 8 days instead of 7.  so it would be on weekdays and weekends.

Please don’t make the same mistake as other games do by making the game time consuming. It burns out the player and sooner or later, when it’s taking too much of our time and pocket, we will give it up. Trust us, we have done this exact thing on 3 previous games hence we landed in this game. 36 hours is more than plenty including prep day. And have options for members who wants to opt out of war rather than leave and float around with no alliance. Also, do try to answer questions on posts in other topic that’s posted. Lots of new people search for answers on playing this game and when they can’t they post questions on old thread and you guys ignore it. Just a suggestion. Ull lose new players who can’t get answers on how to play better. Thanks??(Btw if u check I do spend enough money when I’m interested in a game as I’ve been spending here and about to spend in few more minutes. As long as game is fun, not time consuming and has staff communicating with players)

I agree with everything that has been posted and stated above.  Most games like this Usually have a war 1x a month for a full weekend. I played Spartan wars for 3 yrs. God of war for 2 years.  To time consuming and also to many bullies (this game has none!  Keep it that way.) But also "what is the outcome of all these wars in the end? " What is the main reward? What is the purpose for the war?  Is this a way to clean out inactive alliances? 

This I am sure ALL would like to know. I spend alot of $$$ on this game. So if you want to keep players listen to us here posting. 

JayeL, the tone of my post (and in my mind at the time of writing) was very level, non-argumentive, and meant to provide constructive feedback with examples/explanations to support my stance. But seeing your comment and rereading the last part myself singled out  of context like you’ve quoted above, I can see how this could be misinterpreted as an insult. I assure you that was not my intent. I simply meant it seems some players (based on the amount of time/frequency throughout the day they would have to spend on the game) either neglect or do not have any other commitments or interests outside this game (the stuff I call “life”). If you feel insulted, I apologize as that was not my intention. 

LOL  Maybe since my wife passed, this was why I have returned to playing games again.  Yes I know I need to get back to other real life things…  Thanks for the wake up call…

I personally think 8 days is good but what about the option of letting the alliance decide when to go to war instead of flaregame deciding every so many days?