What determines gold gain in attacks?

A friend and i are both throneroom level 7 with same level units.

Both nearly equal 1550 trophies. (I was 200 higher yesterday, dropped a bunch to see if gains got better at lower trophies)

his treasury is 1 level lower, and his taverns are 5 levels lower. (No idea if this information matters)


But he appears to be getting nearly 50-200% more gold from players we both observe to see the differences.


What can cause this massive difference in gains?


*I’ve just done some testing after reading the wiki which states: ‘’ When several attacks are made one after another, the maximum loot that can be raided from other castles is reduced step by step. ‘’

Now i’ve reduced my attack frequency i’m getting the better gold offers aswell.

If you drop trophies, you will get worse loots. Basically, loot increases with time, both trophies and hero level. Nothing to do with taverns or treasure chamber. The loot will fall off if your trophies reduce significantly.

The weird thing is that while he was 200 trophies lower, he is getting offers of 200-400k gold all the time.

While i keep getting offers of 50-100k, and a rare 200k but then they’re usually a much higher level.


*I’ve just done some testing after reading the wiki which states: ‘’ When several attacks are made one after another, the maximum loot that can be raided from other castles is reduced step by step. ‘’

Now i’ve reduced my attack frequency i’m getting the better gold offers aswell.


*Edit good to know trophies don’t affect it though, now i can climb up again. :stuck_out_tongue:

That statement is true. If you want gold, don’t drop trophies.

Apart from the gold reduction in game generated loot for continuous raids, there is also a “strength component”
in determining, how much gold FG wants to give you. Basically, weaker opponents give less gold. I wrote something
about it here:


its not that hard to understand how gold work. If you find in matchmaker only people who give you 10K,20k or 50k its because you are unlucky to find in random people who don’t have gold easy like that

People talk about trophies, its not the trophies that make you find people with gold or no gold its only the fact the people you have found via matchmaker have no gold at all in their treasury or in tavern. Someone cannot give you 500k,600k or 800k if in their treasury the player have only 40k and a protection of 1 Millions. You don’t care about trophies why people talk about trophies? that change what? that you have 1500,2000 or 5000 or whatever if you find someone with gold you attack him that it. If you have 2,456 nothing stop you to attack a 3,456, if you have 2,980 nothing stop you to attack a 2,400,etc… You find target and attack him

you can look my youtube channel and see in all my video I found always people with 700k,800k and I gain 1 Millions easy each raid. i have no problem to find gold since I play this game

you just need to know at which moment its better to do raid that all

  • During War Season you find easy target who don’t protect their gold or left over 4,5 or 8 millions that you can attack 3 time in a row that give 700k each time

  • During Ninja Event look in the list the top 20, you gonna see some player who have easy 500k,700k or 800k

  • You should know during event like Boost your Castle,attack and defense the gold its not there. Don’t try to find high gold because probably good chance you don’t find


There is so much way to find target who have gold

I work on that to put on my channel my last video in few days if I can. How I find some player that I attack 3 times in a row with over 750k each time for around 3 or 4 millions and I gonna put that here


The gold problem for me is directly dependent on the amount of workers you have. If you have 3 workers - you will never have a gold problem. Take the other extreme: If you have 20 workers then gold is a serious issue. You can balance this with upgrading more expensive buildings (but the time delay can then be a problem).

So the long-term answer is, if you struggle with gold do not get more workers. If you do not have a gold problem - get more workers.

What works best for me is the following:

  1. Never attack kings with low gold even if you have to search 50+ kings (war-time is the only exception). Make a choice of what the min. amount of gold is you are willing to attack (and steal) and gradually increase that number. (I do not attack kings with less than 500k gold)

  2. Look at kings that attacked you - one of them usually gives much gold.

  3. Whenever you find a king with high gold 600k-800k mark him in your friend list before the attack. Revisit your list the next day and remove those that no longer has high gold. You will end up with a list of kings that always gives high amounts of gold.

  4. If someone has done point 3 on you (marked you as good gold king) - you will be attacked 3 or more times per day. Ask you alliance to attack him until he stops attacking you. 

  5. Invest in gold gear. I have 180% gold gear (giving about 2.4mil gold from 800k king) - so my king is not that strong in terms of other perks. You also need to know what medal count you can win. The use of intra-troops can be very handy.

  6. If the competition gets too strong - you need to drop 100-200 trophies to be able to win. This will reduce your gold levels but it can be good again within a days time.

Just a very small, clarification.  But an important one.  See the following image.



holy necro batman.

But to clarify, you can still attack people on your friends list. Although they may not want to be your friend for long if you do.

although my ‘friends’ do attack me…


Correction: Mark him in your favorite list of players.

You are correct - my mistake.