What determines start morale?

Is it leadership stat or kings level?

Leadership determines the starting morale as well as the rate at which your morale bar will fill during battle.


King level will set the max morale you can have. More info here.

hmm tried raiding with 11k vs 16k leadership. start morale looked the same

Do you mean the “start morale” perk ?

No the basic start morale you have. It must be based on kings level only then since trying with 5k leadership less didn’t do anything

I think leadership fills it faster

Leadership definitly fill it faster. As for the starting morale, leadership probably makes only a tiny difference. I will have to test it tonight.

Every 10 levels you level up of 1 morale spot until you reach 20 morale slots, however for the starting morale seems you start always with 4.5/ 5 morale spots empty.


So this mean that the starting morale is base on your total morale available which is base on your king’s level.

Yeah sounds like by kings level then since a 5k difference in leadership didn’t seem any different.

Was just curious because if it did a big impact maxing leadership and putting on start morale perks would have been fun to try