What did I get from 2 legendary chests?

So maybe you are thinking that I got gems, pearls, items or vouchers in those chests. But… no. Instead of them, what did I get? A bunch of useless gold, lol. Yes, ONLY gold, nothing else! Flare, you always say the rewards are random, then why I received only gold? I had these chests by watching videos in the daily reward. Now I just want to ask you a few questions: Why were these chests way worse than the free chest (the chest I collected without watching videos) in the daily reward? Is there a mechanism in those chests which prevented me to earn other rewards?

Because those chests have been designated as mostly gold. They come in handy for 15M upgrades, as they give upwards of 2M gold each, depending on your king. Save 7 of them and it goes a long way to a tower upgrade. Quite essential, but sorry if it doesn’t work for your particular style. :slightly_frowning_face:

Yeah they’re random, you just were lucky enough to find just gold on one of them :slight_smile:  

do not create the problem,
as there is no problem

They are essential, but when opening the chests I have already had 2 million in the treasure chamber (My chamber can only store 4.5 million…)


lol I don´t know, maybe I´m lucky to get tons of gold only ;))


I can´t create a problem because there is no problem??? Have you ever seen something is perfect, has no mistakes from its birth to its death? You must be blind or mentally ill. If that´s true, I will say nothing created from human is perfect :grinning:




Flare presents gold as legendary.

but we are fkd up when we see only 30k-40k gold as legendary.

legendary gold should jump above our normal raid amount.