What did you get from RR2 birthday chest?


Having legendary chest I usually get very good things. But this birthday chest even it was legendary gave me mostly ( about 80% for sure ) only stuff with normal level. Just having common legendary chest would be more helpful  :slightly_frowning_face:

there was 98494165418646 rewards and only 1 of them was legendary??  :mellow:


Probably the worst legendary chest I ever opened. Only a lot of very low amounts of gold, pearls and vouchers. 40 rewards and not a single item!!! And only 1 of the rewards was legendary! 44 vouchers  <_<

I have never seen a chest with so many items before it almost seemed endless. I got some bread, gold, vouchers, pearls, & gems and according to my daily gems calendar there is another one tomorrow.  

When I woke up this morning today’s chest reverted to a rare magic chest.

To shorten all ur description,one word= rubbish,lol

Shit tons of gold and pearls, around 20 vouchers and 25 gems.I think about 200 pearls but hey, thats one failed spin on my skull perk cape lol

Lots of items, only one legendary, nothing special lol. I’ve seen better chests. Those special chests we got on Christms were way more better.

I got like 10 x normal gold value less than 50k   and alot of 5-7 vouchers I was so dissapointed

There are inside 40 rewards but to equalize the total amount of gems/pearls etc that you will get at the end…instead of opening a chest (with 5 rewards inside for example) with all good things, here we have a large scale so the things are divided into smaller parts.


I open it when my gold and food full

Still getting vouchers sucks a lot

Don’t forget you can use the vouchers instead of gems to buy stuff from granny

What? How? I don’t see this option xd

In your vouchers menu, at the bottom, you can see the leading item of granny for this moment in the list of possible purchases.

It’s the best way to use your vouchers. You save a lot of gems this way.

I didn’t get single gear unit. Only money which I dont need and few pearls.

“Thank you” Flare…


I got like 130 pearls, 40 gems and 22 vouchers. Got better rewards from the purple and legendary war chests.

Yeah better rewards from totally normal legendary chests… really dissapointing I assumed like a big fixed gem value :slightly_frowning_face:

It looked more like a usual legendary chest but with the items (gold, gems, and pearls) spread over many more rewards than usual. I must say that I was expecting a bit more from the " awesome RR2 Birthday Present on the 27th of February"  :slightly_frowning_face:

I got 60 gems, 34 vouchers, 46 pearls and a lot of gold.

I got about 25-30 rewards which ended in gold most of them were 20-30k and 80k, two of them were 220k gold and one legendary was 450k. I got about 1.8-2m gold in total XD not so much pearls and I got a few vouchers. Sadly I got only 4 gems :slightly_frowning_face: