What do u think after the latest update?

Any other that I left out,please feel free to post it.

I really like how they increased getting gold from raids and cof. All the new levels and new stuff and dungeons.


But on the other hand I really hate how they keep connecting things to the blacksmith casino luck crap which every player has clearly expressed how much they dislike… a pure slap in the face.


Rather have a fixed pearl price and upgrade. not play a damn luck game.

And increased pearls in cof is bullshit… you only get this if you spend gems I stopped counting after I got 3rd chest with pearl value 10-15 over 30 times now if I didn’t spend gems just like before update.


What a meaningless poll. You could just put on all of them "  I don’t like " and it would have more sense. Where is " It is ok" at least?

oops! what does it mean?

Where is the ‘i dont spend a dime and I like it’ option?

Most likely that the gold bonus will stop tomorrow. Wonderful. Just in time for the people who just finish up their throne room upgrades without paying gems… :confused: