What do version 3.8.3?

there is no official announcement about this so what version 3.8.3 do?


Hi warriornator,

I have a question for you.Where did you get version 3.8.3 for Olympus rising ?I only got version 3.8.1 on both devices PC and windows phone.

I don’t know I have update my Ipad IOS to 11.1.2 this morning that allow me to fix the bug of the App store where no update was available. So I have see 44 update. I was at 3.7.1 so I upgrade my game and when I enter the game I have see 3.8.3 so I have no clue where is come from

Congratz pal, you are the first independent supertester it seems :slight_smile:  

I have also the 3.8.3. I got 3.8.2 wirh the big update to 3.8. 

I think this is the iOS app that is on 3.8.3 but is simular to the 3.8.1 on the other plattforms.

Hey there,

Panic Mind is correct, 3.8.3 on the title screen is an internal number, as we sent two smaller bug fix versions for iOS to Apple, which were not released, and which were not necessary on Windows or Android. Version 3.8.3 has the same content as 3.8.1 on the other platforms.

@CaptainMorgan, 38 days to explain this? ??

Were the christmas holiday? ??

Hey @Negan,there is no need to be sarcastic as developers are after all human beings and they too take holiday or maybe they were busy on some other project.I am glad that our favorite developer is back on forum.

Agreed, great to see that the devs are here. The recent outburst of depression and crying about this is thus no more I hope

how much goodness! what does it mean that they are human beings? we are talking about a game, and they are expected to give a support service! nothing personal, but if they take 40 days for an answer like that, or if they disappear and do not even wish the forum … sorry but I can safely joke about this! I do not offend anyone, and just with the politically correct !!

Hey Negan, 

I try to keep up-to-date on the forums as I find it would be impossible to make a good game without community input. I do this through choice, not because it is part of my job remit, as I’m not a customer or community support agent, but a developer.

That said, you’re absolutely correct that support should continue, and it’s not good that you guys feel like support dropped out over the holidays. If this were a question an agent can answer, it should have been answered earlier.

nothing personal captain! but the reality is that here everything seems abandoned … just look at the challenge …
I hope it was just the holidays, but I doubt it!

Not taken personally, no worries :slight_smile:

Yes, as I said, not good that you guys have this feeling of abandonment, hopefully we can work to fix that. The challenge ended today and we’ll be getting prizes out by next week.

Challenge ended three days ago ??

Point taken