What do you like about Conquest?

Lots of threads on problems and complaints, but what do you like? 
Even if it needs improvement, you can still like something.
And if you feel like complaining there’s lost of other places to post.  ?

I like the quick movement, the teamwork, and the wars. I love that there is tons of strategy involved and you also never know who’s around the corner!! Keeps things tense!

Oh I just love not sleeping for 7 days…???

Well, at least the time spent is a little better now, right? I mean, you still need to use more time than anyone else when you’re a leader or general, but that’s the way a war should be! The leaders and generals get to strategize movement!

I also think that another rank in the alliance would go well with the Conquest. The “commander” would be able to build watchtowers. I think it’s important to have players you trust in control, but the generals and leader cannot be everywhere at once to help build watchtowers, so I think this new rank would really help out in the Conquest

maybe promising chest at the end ? Or i can attack some weak player like 200 trophy below me because of leader command so i can deny that im too weak to raid someone near my range just to get cof chance lol. ?? 

What I like most …

I need to think about it. There must be something!

Got it! The donkey is cute.

There is chat at the conquest. There is information.


Bullying lower players on the map :wink:  Kidding of course, I am so lazy I don’t even attack those. But I can park at an enemy tower and let the gems pour in. Go back to the stronghold, rinse, repeat.

I love the strategic part of this mode!

It makes me remember chess:

Where every move has to be carefully planned…

Sometimes you win, sometimes the enemy outsmarts you.

The pressure… It’s a good feeling :slight_smile:

Strategies and tactics is good, but, at the end of the day, you just gotta have the stronger and richer alliance, that’s the best strategy.

There’s nothing I like about conquest, it’s a retarded version of Civilization. Even if there’s anything good, it’s horribly outweighed by the bad things.

Good strategy. Only way I can see to get something good from this whole ***** event

The Pal-Chests!

In my opinion, it’s currently the best reward in the entire game! 
My team is not even on max tier yet, and we are getting 10 pals for each of the 60+ members in the alliance   that’s amazing! 
Level 10 beasts will finally be possible without being one of the Top/richest alliances. Thank you very much, Flare  :wink:

The Pro-Chests!

Even not knowing how good, or bad, they are gonna be, 2 pro-chests is the same or even more than a lot of players normally receive on Pro-League, due to the bad escalation of prizes for the tiers.

Wish I could say the rewards in general, but pal-chests are the only reward with confirmation on the content. Can’t wait to see the “improved rewards” for this Conquest.
Blacksmith chests with 20 rewards inside? It better compensate for the lack of pearls caused by the huge delay on Ninja Event.
Gem chests with “at least 100 gems”? I’m creating high expectations! Hope I’m not playing this mode that I don’t even like for 8 days to receive less than I make on 3 days in my Diamond Leagues.

You would not be so effusive if you were at a low level tier. The rewards down at our level suck and yet we still have to compete with the big boys and have no hope of getting anything. We will be lucky to get 100 vouchers for 9 days of 24/7 effort

“Lots of threads on problems and complaints, but what do you like? 
Even if it needs improvement, you can still like something.
And if you feel like complaining there’s lost of other places to post.”

There’s a Pal-Chest reward for every tier. Don’t you like Pal-Chests? I do, and that’s why I mentioned it.
That’s a great reward regardless if you are at the highest or lowest tier.

Plus, the map has almost 1500 tiles, and even on my tier (200-249) each alliance needs only 175 points to fill the rewards bar. So you can be on last place, and still receive all rewards. What’s happening on your map? 

In the glorified air that you and your team compete I am sure the pal chests are worth some effort. In our tier we would get 2 pals if we could attain enough points.

However, Flare in their wisdom, have matched us with a level 70 alliance, which would give even you guys a run for your money. This means they will cover the whole map before Conquest finishes and there is nothing, we or the others, can do about it.

Are you guys fighting any level 22 alliances?

We will be lucky to hold one tower and that would only be out of mercy.

PS: I have complained in the appropriate places including a ticket to support but Flare do not care. Be aware our position is not an isolated occurrence. There is a flood of complaints about the same issue everywhere on the form

Nothing. It’s boring

It’s not about the tier where my alliance is. Pal Chests with guaranteed pals inside are always worth some effort, it doesn’t matter if you are getting 10 or 2 pals! 
On Alliance Wars the Pal Chest we receive as one of the last rewards contains only 1 pal! So conquest is giving better rewards than we can receive on Alliance Wars, even to teams on low tiers like yours.

Matchmaking issues are not even really related to Conquest, it has always been a problem on this game in general so it should not be a reason for you to dislike the mode itself.

Also, you could try and contact the other alliances to not have your towers destroyed, just tell them you are playing only for the rewards and not the boosts. It seems to be a very common thing actually, even the highest ranked alliance in my map sent us a request to not declare war against them, and I see no reason to reject such request. Like I pointed out, there’s enough tiles for everyone to receive all rewards without affecting anything on the boosts leaderboard, you don’t even need special tiles for that.
If you are fighting only for the rewards you can simply be ignored, because they will know when your score is gonna stop, which also lets them know when their score can stop. No need for them to “cover the whole map before Conquest finishes” like you said, only difference between scoring insanely higher than weaker teams and scoring just enough to win, would be only the dumb waste of resources with unnecessary towers.

If it is a “common theme” for alliances to seek a truce from the other teams on your map then that tells me there must be a fundamental problem with this event. Seriously can you argue the worth of this event and make that statement!

Try doing that in Ninjas or your next war season!

Yes, there are problems with this mode, a lot of them, I never said there wasn’t! On that situation, for example, not all alliances wanna have to coordinate 60+ members on wars that can happen at any place and any time on a map with almost 1500 tiles, during 7 days of Conquest! 

I don’t even like this Conquest Mode, if it was my choice I would probably just remove it completely, because this is not the type of gameplay that made me install Royal Revolt II, I’m here for a tower defense game.

But that does not blind me from seeing the good things on the mode. Regarding Pal Chests, I can get in 1 Conquest Mode the same reward that I would need several Alliance Wars to collect.
So the Pal Chests reward is worth it, even with all the time, strategies and team coordination required by the Conquest, that’s one thing I can say I like about it.

AND AGAIN, because it seems to be hard for you to understand the purpose of this topic :
“Lots of threads on problems and complaints, but what do you like? 
Even if it needs improvement, you can still like something.
And if you feel like complaining there’s lost of other places to post.”

BTW, truces are not a very uncommon thing on Alliance Wars too. Like, when an alliance is about to be eliminated and they ask to not be attacked on that 1 tile so they can keep just declaring wars to collect the chests rewards. It’s different but it’s there.
To Ninja events it doesn’t even apply because you do not compete against other alliances, who would you make a truce with? The Villain ninja?