What do you think about the mix up of this war?

The title says it all, so? What do you think? ^_^

Love it (: Makes so much more sense

So if one day you are in a medium alliance, and face SK United (for example :stuck_out_tongue:


To me, I find this season fun; and the members of Nato too. But I don’t think the medium alliances we are facing are loving it… (since they are not fighting back).

I think they will mix up wars every once in a while so things can start balancing out again.

I don’t really love it or hate it.



But getting rid of the 5 day grind is a life saver for me.

5 days is too much. Being able to make the same amount of fiefdoms within a smaller amount of time is what I wanted from Flare.

I can set an alarm and be on to declare for the next war, no big deal.


I definitely don’t want to face SK or any top 5 though.

Yes, I like the 4-day war system. Shorter is better!

How much is the break after will finish war season, 1 more day, so also special elite boost will last 1 day more ?

The alliance(s) that are not fighting , they are probably rebuilding and planning a comeback :grinning:

Maybe they changed it too… We’ll know the answer in 3 days x)

In my war season i have an alliance with 41/41 members and we are only 33/33 This is really ridiculus !

I was talking about it in general , not specifically about UvT.I dont know UvT’s plan despite being a member myself and thats because I choose to ignore it.

So again , the alliance(s) that are not fighting , they are probably rebuilding and planning a comeback and that includes Voltron , Burninator and others :grinning:

I don’t understand what mix up you are talking about? Explain

Previous wars, alliances were gathered according to their number of fiefdoms. For example,for this AW, Nato should have been with SK United, Apocalypse, Roaring Lions, Todesritter and Vanguard Legion. The mix up I am talking about is that Nato is actually facing SK United, Voltron force, Us VS Them, Burninator and Russian Federation alliance. Some of them have more than 10 less fiefdoms than Nato. Is this mix up temporary, or do you know if for next wars, we will be gathered again according to our number of fiefdoms?


Flare didn’t say anything about this…

It is Flare’s gift to Vanguard Legion :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe they just implemented a rule wherein no 3 alliances can ever fight in the same war twice?

Previous AW Nato was with UvT and SK already. So I don’t think so.

 Interesting the lower level alliance are still fiefdom gathered. All our opponents had 22 or 23 to start the war season. This is probably just a top 10 thing and maybe even a glitch.

Not only top10, I believe all the top50 is mixed up.

I think the mix up will be good for the game

I agree it will be a good thing for the game, but now the first three maps (probably) will have a winner who cant be beaten by most of the other alliances. Now SK, RL, Apo and VL are in three different maps, but those alliances cant be beaten by anyother alliance than those four. The other alliances noe have to drop out of the top 18 to have a chance at winning a season.