What do you think?

I Wonder…

who is playing this game better?

I personally think girls play better…

what do you think? ?

You should edit this topic and set up a poll, that way players don’t have to comment :slight_smile:  

Your right ? but next time…

I don’t mean to be sexist or anything, but I’d have to say boys  

Cool ???

my fav @Hanniland and @Dels

No please not that kind of answer

I will say like each job sometme its Girl who are better and others its man.

In video game by example its both. I have see some girl streaming on twitch or Youtube who play game in the hardest difficulty without difficulty. its not all girl who cannot be able to jump in Mario and drop in the the hole

Some girl have real potential and be better than man. in my country we have a girl who are many time Champion in Counter-Strike global offense

Just they are maybe less often on Youtube or they show less their skills than boys

I think it’s a great answer but you did not say your favorite player.

I think girls are super in every way. ?? 

for example, an upper model of female man.  ???

i don’t watch anyone in particularity. I don’t have really a favorite player . When I watch youtube its only for livestream when i have nothing to do. If I got some girl I watch them.

For gameplay I don’t like follow anyone. Its not my fun to see someone die 50 times in a row just to beat a monster or see someone who don’t understand the mechanics of the game and try to do a blind gameplay

So in my case I watch random player. If the player is not good or don’t attract me I change and find a another one.

the majority of time I watch no one because no one play like me and I only watch people who play like me and use the same tricks and all. In my case 0% chance to find one. I play in a particuliar way. I play until reach close the perfection nothing less.  I don’t accept to be worst at a game. If I need to play 1 millions time I did it 

I cannot do like crazy do a no damage run in each game but close

If I have to name someone I follow on Youtube. I like to follow TheRadBrad. this guy same if talk during playing (because I hate people who talk) this guy is interesting and really good in each game he do

Hey, crazy emotion answer ?? I think you have your own style. By the way, I was wondering what you were following. Let’s see how someone is. 


I can not stand women who make differences between men and women, how do you pretend that a man does not give a sexist answer on a subject where you want to highlight the difference between a man and a woman? do not need this post because a player is strong unlike his sex, a man / woman can be nice / ugly, nice / obnoxious, introvert / extroverted, etc. … no need to stress the ability of women does nothing but make you think difference between the the two sexes

When it comes to gaming, either one could be better. I don’t really know, cause I don’t know the gender of all the players in the game


hey guys, we’re just having fun here. ?

 both the answer to this question is hidden in the god. I think both are superb.

for example my mother… 

omg ? … a complete yankee does not approve of anything he has not done with his own hand…

we are all great but the girls in this game are great. ???

How many girls are there in top 10 at the moment?

I do not think you have control this subject.  ??

I think you too do not have the control?

You said you think girls are better than boys in this game so I just asked a simple question.

Actually I really dont know that who is girl or a boy because most of them are playing with their nick names but when you say that you think girls are better then you should also provide some proof in your support.

I dont mind if girls are playing this game better than boys but if you are saying it without any proof then the forum dont need this kind of posts as they are not relevant at all…

Well, are you ready?

old apocalypse - Irina

hannilad, dels ? Do you want me to count more?

Ok, I am asking about the current top 10. Also if you will give only two names then I can gave you the names of so many Male players so keep giving the names…

You also needs to tell me that why they are better than the male player… only giving names does not make them better?

please read all of my messages. We are joking that it’s just fun here. You should not be so serious. ?

What the “F” how can you say that while you are the one who is separating Male and Females here.

You are the one who start saying that girls are better player than boys so I simply asked why? and you are writing all this.

Further, I did not say anything wrong about the muslims. Yyou are drinking something else these days.