What does it mean?

Loransking attack me ,What does it mean?

What does what mean? The 0 Gold?

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As far as I can see, you have him in your favorite list. Maybe he got enough of your raids (that’s what I am guessing) and he starts to raid your base as a favor.

I no longer use a favorite list (don’t remember when I used that), I just click matchmaker and raid.

When then sometimes players raid back three times in a row, I decide then what I do, most times I ignore it, but when someone keeps raiding or thinks I won’t raid back (a higher player raiding, since I did beat a player of his team due to matchmaker), then I definitely will raid him.

When it bothers you, then stop raiding him or dump trophies on him, by doing so, higher players will get him by matchmaker and then he can try to counter attack them.

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Now check his status.

He is a player with enough level and competence to attack you.
Please keep playing as a rival for a long time.

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Are you sure?:))

In fact, that is the only way to show love for the game.
Please make him your honored rival. :wink:
I’m rooting because I know of course your great challenge play video.

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