what does leadership affect troops

Hey there

I couldn’t figure out how leadership affect troops, can I get help here?

1 the picture shows Prometheus has lower leadership than Athena but he can summon more troops, does it mean leadership is not related to troops quality?

2 sometimes my troops be destroyed very soon, does leadership buff troops?






Leadership allow the bar to fill more faster and all depend too of the moral of the Hero. Same thing like RR2

If you have unlock by example Perseus at Level 1. his morale will be big and the bar will be slow. So not recommended to try to summon Minotaur,Cyclop,Griffin,etc…

2,000 leadership the bar is slow with Hero level 1-9

4,000 leadership the bar fill more fast with Hero level 10-15

6,000 leadership the bar fill more faster with Hero level 17+

8,000+ you can summon huge army in no time

PS : Leadership : its the bar in blue

        Morale : its the square in the bar

Here if your Prometheus can summon more its because of his level same with low leadership. More morale = more troops

So if by exemple Prometheus is level 18 with 4,782 and Athena Level 14 with 5,289 its obvious Prometheus will summon more because for 1 reason. He is level 18 you have the maximum morales and the square is very smaller than Athena

So try to up the most possible Hero level 17+ to benefit of huge army because of the moral who become very small

Wait I will upload screenshot to allow to understand more

Here why I can summon huge army with Ariadne and nothing with Athena

She is level 17 so close benefit of the maximum of morales


She have now 7,361 Leadership. So fast bar refill


You see high leadership + high Morale (Level 17) = Huge Army

So now let’s compared with my Athena


Level 10 only. So his morale will be horrible

She have only 4,851 Leadership. Not awesome

She is low on level (low morale) and low on Leadership. The morale is big and the bar fill is slow. So struggle to summon army

What you have to understand and remember is :

Hero level 1-10 : Morale is low in number and big

Hero Level 10-15 : More Morale square and more smaller

Hero Level 17+ : Maximum Morale Square and very small

Hero Level determine the size of the morale square and the number

So when you summon a Spearman on a big huge square at Level 1. You can summon 1 each 2 seconds. When you summon a Spearman on a very small square. You can summon 1 each half second or close


2,000 = slow

4,000 = fast

6,000 = faster

7,000+ = very fast

Leadership determine how faster the bar up

Hope its clear enough to understand

level provide bar up limit,

leadership is replenish speed for get more troops.