What does the boosted airblaster do?

We were not fortunate to win the airblaster so I was wondering what exactly it does? I have played a few bases with them and it seems like they heal themselves with each attack. Anything else I’m missing?

Ice damage. They slow you down :c

  • They put out ice damage and slow the target down

  • They don’t heal themselves, they heal the unites/buildings surrounding them when they die. For example, if you face a wave of 8 elite arbs, and you try to kill it with bladestorm while you are attacking some of  them, the first one that dies, heal the rest. And so on and so on. In my experience the only way to deal with waves with lots of elite arblasters, is using swordrain to take them all out in one hit.

As I typed this, another way might be using mortars to kill them with the splash poison damage. Didn’t try this yet, but maybe it works.

They don’t heal themselves but heal other units/towers instead when they die.


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