What Does The Granny Say?

What Does The Granny Say?        




























































But seriously though, those what what Granny says. Can’t believe I haven’t been paying attention to them. If I missed out any line do tell. :stuck_out_tongue:  


Why is it so big here…?

“What is essential is victory, not protracted missions”

“Something i only offer to warriors who are able to value my work”


you have duplicated the sentences in the 2 images. So are not 12 but 10 sentences.

The website you linked to does contain Ad- and Malware. We have removed the link.


I cant believe I missed that… Btw is it only 10? Are there more? Are there older versions?



Sorry, I’ve revised it.

I don’t pass so much time with granny, so i don’t read her conversation  :wink:

Oh oh @Jona, Is it possible to Change an Alliance’s Name? And is it possible to ‘Combine’ 2 Alliance together?


@oPelle, well they are pretty deep to me, all i interpret from those messages are nonsense  :stuck_out_tongue:

With that said, some games have like so many (like 50+ different tips/did you know/tricks etc in between loading screens!). I know skyrim and CoC has them. I believe some old console games have a lot of them as well! I can’t believe that there’s only 10 for RR?

Probably because nobody then read them so they put only 10 XD

Maybe because now a days loading screens are only <1 second! My RR usually done loading in like 3s… Maybe thats why they put it at Granny’s shop, but then people usually pays attention to item and stats and not the message!

Wait! Now i remember when i was a newbie in this game, that I red Granny’s messages to find tips tricks to get those items hahahha, then i realized that was all time lost 

I can confirm there’s definitely more than those 10 messages, for I know one that says something like “No, I won’t tell you how old I am. I’ve seen a lot, but let’s just assume I’m just as old as you are.”.

Also, I remember her saying things like “A nice place you got here! Beast already feels home”, or “Watch out for your chicken. Beast sometimes likes a little snack…” and some more.

Oh and of course, “even the best sword will rust if you put into salt water”… I guess at least 20 in total. 

Can you still find it now? Can you post it? Do other languages have their own custom messages or just translated?

I only have played rr2 on German version so far, but I guess they are translated. All of the ones you posted, sounded familiar to me (only English instead of German words). 

And I could try to find them, but it’s a game of luck and clicking the granny often enough to see all the different messages, and if I post them, they would be in German, so better someone with English rr2 should do that for the greater benefit of all. 

Aside granny sorry if i wrote this, I have the blonde girl that one day said: "Abracadabra! And something else…i don’t remember, did you have you too guys ?

I think when starting RR2 - if there’s no other popups like “you received XY attacks” or “gem discount offer, look here!” or “shiny new granny item offer over there!”, then the queen girl always says some (different) messages. 


Also, when opening the quest/achievement panel, the queen makes various comments, as well as upon starting any upgrades for spells/buildings/…


So, yes, I notice those, too. Though, the queen probably says enough for a separate topic only about her :wink:

Probably there is a way. I don’t know though, if there’s a practicable way without having access to rr2 source code :wink:


Maybe Jona could try to get the list, but I wonder if that’s really such important?