What does the swift icon represent - travel or wielding of sword?

Can someone tell me whether the swift/speed icon represents the speed at which a hero walks/runs through the path when in battle, (movement speed) or the speed at which they wield the sword - thereby making more stabs and slashes? I’ve tried, but been unable to figure it out on my own or find an answer on youtube or the internet.

Thanks in advance.

Edit : Nevermind lol I did not have understand what he wanted to know

( Saturday I was slow to catch stuff sorry)

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the wing is movement speed the sword is attack speed. You know, the one that says attack speed. 

Well I noticed on the latest update the hero items no longer say what each enhancement is.

Maybe it varies based on language, but if you hit the info button on your hero card to see their stats it displays the name of each perk.