What does those yellow flags mean?

when visiting granny, are are those yellow flags with numbers, 94, 93, 93 , 87, 83…

what does those mean??? 94% of WHAT?

I also don’t really understand the blacksmith stuff yet,



If you mean the icons at the right of the items, it is the level of the items :slight_smile:

When you upgrade an item, you will have an additional “+1/2/X” under this number.



I mean the level of the equipment :grinning:

By example with my king level 45, I can see equipment around level 50 ^^

Items which give me much better stats are around level 60.

I guess the meaning of the “level of the items” is that just like your king levels up, the items have levels too, but their max level is unknown for now. So everytime you upgrade them they advance some levels (or maybe just one level, I’m not sure).

Apparantly there is no max level as items can be upgraded forever?

Ummm, I guess you’re right, while you’re willing to pay pearls and you’re lucky enough, maybe you can upgrade your items over and over again…

Yes, take a look: http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/7350-uber-item-on-blacksmith/

I’m just upgrading the forge to as much as I can afford. Haven’t even seen what it does but assuming it will be better when upgraded

Upgrading the forge only reduces the time needed to meltdown an item :grinning:

No, unlocking more slots increases the amount of pearls you get from melting items :grinning: