What Easter Cup Compensation?

@GalaMorgane wrote about the Easter CUP Pro League errors this:

In lights of the recent problems encountered for some during the Easter Cup, we decided to compensate you to make up for the inconvenience this has caused.

It is unclear who “you” is. Does it mean everyone since bonus archer levels were missed due to the error? Only those who experienced the lost rewards? Or just those who filed support tickets? 

Second question is what the compensation is. I have seen nothing, but I did not experience the error. I haven’t seen any posts of people happy or upset or nonplussed by any compensation they received, so don’t know if anyone got compensated. 

I am not asking for anything except clarity in communication from Flare. What did that sentence mean? 

UPDATE: Looks like Gala responded in a thread on page 4 that the compensation is 1000 gems, two pro chests and a free ticket. She did not say, but it looks like it is only for those who filed a support ticket. Teams who lost archer levels did not benefit. 

Flare kind of overcompensated everyone that filed a ticket (extra gems + extra ticket + extra pro-chests).

Now I wish I expierenced the bug too :wink: Let’s hope the bug isn’t solved soon, then maybe i’ll be lucky too…

Hello there,

We compensate people who encountered an issue with the 0% scoring even when they managed to finish a level or complete some part during the Easter Cup.

We did ask you guys to contact us via tickets so we could track the problem and verify it.

I hope this clarifies the situation.

Many thanks,



Can we still send a ticket about this? Because I didn’t find the need to send a ticket about something you were already looking into. 

Well, I was not affected personally, but indirect by getting lower archer level due to other fighters in my ally were. And what about players who don’t read the forum and therefore don’t open a ticket? It should not depend on this as it was not a individual issue. At least give players who did not open a ticket half of the compensation. 

I thought you guys automatically got a free ticket in the compensation  :wink:

I made no complaint regarding who received compensation, nor asked for any for myslef. My issue is that your announcement was not clear and left questions to be answered. 

Player from my ally who made a ticket still didnt get anything ?

I have made ticket same morning when lv x bug appeared even before Gala have made announced that we should make ticket and I didn’t get any compansation. Maybe I wrote wrong my new ■■■■■■ ( ign Kjkkkkloppol po jjmi )name or wrong e mail address. Or they just gave compansation to the players that make their tickets after Gala made announcement.

That is all from me.