What Exactly Causes the Beast to be Released?

So I’m trying to tweak where the attackers meet the Beast on my Path.  And I obviously noticed that putting more Towers earlier means the Beast is released earlier so he encounters the attackers more toward the start of the Path.  And moving Towers and Obstacles back makes it so the Beast is released later.  But there seems to be more factors than just Tower placement. 

I had thought after 50% of your Towers/Obstacles where destroyed the Beast was released, but it doesn’t seem to be just that.  What are the other factors?

As far as I know the beast is released when the attacker get the first of the three crowns during the raid.

Yup, 1st crown

So the follow up would be what causes that.  I have discovered in re-arranging Towers it is NOT just taking out 50% of the defenses. 

It’s a combination of these:

  • % of towers destroyed

  • % of the path traveled with your king


You can test this in your own defense.

Run 1 - Try to destroy every tower in the opposite path before you progress through the path (don’t leave any FB, LT or Skull towers alive in the opposite path)

Run 2 - Try to run ahead as much as possible without destroying any tower (you only really need your king, the slowdown scroll, toxic cloud’s slowdown and a couple revives to speed up the test).


You will notice that you’ll get the 1st crown much earlier in the path during Run 1. In Run 2 you’ll get it much later, almost at the end of the path.

This confirms that both the path and towers destroyed influence when you get the 1st crown.