What Exactly do Troops do?

What exactly do Troops do?

The total number of Troops I have don’t seem to have any affect on my skull score or performance in battle?

It affects the rate on achieving or defending against Supreme Victory

Oh!  That’s all?

Yup, that’s it. So, they kind of help determine how long a battle will last.

Yes and its the strange story i think

It also affects the energy required per battle, because the troops influence defense and attack scores. The alliance with higher score rate have lower costs of energy and viceversa, for example, this battle costs 560+ energy for the attackers (us), quite probably the defenders had a 20- energy cost per battle:


Is determined by the difference between the ratings, not the amount itself.

Ah! Only 6 million for a SV? That’s easy!

The real issue there was not the SV score, but that we were able to stall 22 players for hours with only 1 stronger defense base, because most of those players were unable to defeat that single defense.




Even if the number of troops is small, the attack side may win.

There is no problem even if it attacks the monitoring tower with advantageous ability.
Still, we recommend that you take care not to turn around to the defense side while the number of troops is small.

Skull points will be added big even if you prevent attacks completely