What happened in the last update Flare? The game is about raiding and you destroyed raiding Flare. How can I attack without scrolls?

Hello everyone 

I liked this game and I spent my free time in it. 1)The game is about raiding but I can’t attack now without scrolls such as Timewarp and Armageddon and I can’t afford that costs to use these scrolls every attack. What’s the solution now?  2) Multi touch doesn’t work in the game now. It doesn’t work in raiding or Pro League. I press the buttons of troops , spells or even scream but it didn’t work while I was attacking from towers from every dirctions and my hero was almost dying and these buttons didn’t respond :slightly_frowning_face: 3) Hey developers if you updated the defenses , you would update the attack. Now there’s no balance between the attack and defense. I liked your strategy to update the defences but you neglected the hero and reduced the power of spells such as bladestrom.      4)The troops are very weak in the game. Orges become weak and more slow. How can players destroy 22 towers , barricades , spikes , boxes of shocks ninjas and beasts in 2:43 minutes? Orges and woleves were the answer but now all the troops in game couldn’t complete that missions. Orges became very weak with 150% piercing weakness and they are slow also. Orges are nothing in attack now and Say what do you to say Flare but really Orges are nothing in the game. Paladins are slow and very weak  against  normal and ice attacks. Frosters are very low health , slow and couldn’t attack spikes. Pryomancers are needed boost but bomb towers and skull towers can kill pryomancers and frosters. Gargoyles and mummies aren’t attack buildings . Gargoyles can’t attack tower without that new boost and die immediately. Mummies can’t attack any buildings of the defences and attack only with poison can’t make  a big effect. Cannons, frosters and pryomancers are difficult to control them well. Orge in defences with one shot can stop army of cannons (with100% normal weakness) : . cannons are weak against skull towers, firebolt , arblester ,frosters, pryomancers Orges ,wolves ,mortars and Necromancers :(. Monks are not totally attack troop. They are assistant troops to help the main army to be still alive with 100% piercing and 50% fire weakness in addition to  slow and weak attack. They don’t do well in attack because they are defence troop. Necromancers, mortars and Vikings are also defence troops . Soldiers and archers are good in attack but their range attack and their size  aren’t enough to attack from distance so they die quickly in every second. They are very weak against spikes. Werewolves are still work but thoes troops had one disadvantage that they couldn’t attack buildings , they are totally mad. I liked them but I can’t only depend on them  in attack or I will take forever to take down building. Wolves 's attack is weak also and the strongest spells became weak after the update.

  5) Phoebe beast became faster after update and with its high range and madness of bears :slight_smile: . It becomes incredible and need big army to take it or If anyone kill phoebe beast without big army , tell me in comments. 6) The last thing that you can’t add a tower and 11hp for new lvl of gate without updating the ability of hero and the power of troops and spells in attack. In the end I can say Flare say yes for defence but the whole game is about attack and defence. There should be  standards and balance  between the attack and defence. I suggest to improve the ability of troops ,add new strong spell ,improve the hp and leadership of hero for every lvl, make new equipments and new strong pals. I suggest to improve these things just little and you should improve these to make balance between attack and defence and fix the problem multi-touch and other bugs in the game please. I hope flare understand those problems and help us to improve the game.

please guys support me in comments and leave your comments to make our game better.



Yeah sure, defenses are harder now, maybe a little too hard. But if we can figure out different combos then attacking will be fine. We just gotta learn to adapt to the changes. About the bugs, I’m sure flare will fix those soon. That’s what the 4.0 Bug Megathread is for, too collect all the bugs, throw them in a pile and get rid of them!

You’re complaints about the troops are somewhat ridiculous. First off, the only thing I agree with you on is that Frosters have much to little health! To start, you said that Gargoyles don’t attack towers without the new boost, which is false. Sure, they get killed beforehand, but most of the time it’s because they bombed part of the enemy’s army! When they do attack towers, they are very helpful! Mummies can’t attack buildings, but they CAN attack troops and stun them which is important! You said, “Monks are not totally attack troop.” Of course not! Monks are a healing troop and are vital to hard attacks! They have their fair share of damage and are helpful when it comes to fighting a Kaiser Beast!

You also complained that Ogre’s are too OP in defense when you said, “Ogre in defenses with one shot can stop an army of cannons.” Sure, of course they can! Why? Cause that Ogre you are referring to is the Stunning Ogre. He stuns all the troops in his attack range! It’s not OP! I have some advice here for you: When you get stunned, use your scream boost to get your troops un-stunned! 

The scream doesn’t work in the game immediately. The multi touch doesn’t work. You take some of my words but you should imagine the whole scene because this one shot of Orges in defence is enough to take your army. Monks are weak because they can’t attack bases with skull towers and arblesters. Their range attack make them die quickly from any towers with high range. Monk in the new update become weak because every tower becomes stronger. Thanks for your comment

I will try to adapt but I hope they fix bugs asap.

I am old one and thanks for your advice but It wouldn’t work in the hard situation with 100%Scream after last update. The button of scream didn’t work immediately.

I want to tell you that I liked the update because it makes our defence stronger but it doesn’t mean to make the defence stronger by  making our offensives weaker.

For sure FG had made all this mess of balancing with the target to make us use more scrolls and resurrecrltions. So we use more gems and spend more money.


I hope all that mess is end… The problem is that even one uses scrolls  in normal raid. It is not certainly to win so one may use scrolls and lose. It’s a really problem. I asked other players and they said they faced difficult to attack others strong bases or bases of players from the same lvl or have the same amount of trophies. They said the raid became really very difficult. In the last period I found many players with high lvl 130 or 115  and they only have 3,300 trophies. I am not sure but they may lose their trophies during that mess. One can imagine what happened with those players. 

Nothing to worry, a few years ago some complained that offense was OP. So they added levels to towers. Then we got spell and troop updates and OP pals, plus gear. Some complained that offense once again was OP. They nerfed TC, paladins and made endless scream impossible by adding a minimum cool down. Then even more crazy gear. 

So they increase damage of defensive structures, even add a level plus give the snake boost to make ogres obsolete, the tanks that we needed to release by winning dungeons. And that under the number of balance. 

To make it even more crazy, we get a season boost that is way too strong, while conquest boosts already make it harder for most players.

I said don’t worry for a reason, within a few months there are enough complaints that defense is OP, so we will get additional level on spells plus troops for sure. Then the cycle starts all over again.

Sisyphos ?

Your way to play this game seems to be more “healthy”. Alliance wars on your level might be not affected in the same way as it is in top 50, top 20 or top ten. 


Attack weaker players- you cant swallow your pride because after nerfs you cant beat strong guys without scrolls? Dont attack them.

@CATO" My way is healthy " Did you mean that  I depended on HP of hero?.  I don’t understand what you mean. Even if I am interested in HP of hero ,What’s the wrong with that ?

You meant I am in lower lvl alliance. No no no I am in high ??. 

@Dena4 I hope they do 

I have a tip for stargazers. Don’t use firestorm and troops like knights plus wolfs howl that don’t destroy them. Just walk past it, destroy other towers. As cleanup, summon pyro in a bunch or ogres, surrounded by knights. 

I failed a lot of times just by those stargazers. Problem was I used firestorm, so my army was reduced to minimum after all those explosions. After I used new technique I was more successful. Bladestorm for removing obstacles (knights must move fast), blizzard plus shield. Just protect the knights plus wolfs, destroy other towers on the path. Then when you are moving forward, summon pyro for cleanup.

If you miss a tower, no problem. During non war raid it’s important to destroy the gate for getting cof plus gold.

Having said that, there seriously must be action against gate towers. This war at least three towers near every gate. Flare should focus on that, not make bases that hard, that we don’t need to bother, since we don’t come even close to the gate.

Yep, Gate Towers are ridiculous now. Especially with the Basilik Tower AND the new level for it as well

I talked to dena4.

Probably it’s more “healthy” for a long term player to play in lower tophy range.

Lots of our Alliance members quit because it’s not possible for them to beat any base. - This happened the last year’s, this happens these days. But actually the frustration is massive! The Frustration already reached top Alliances.

 I can’t attack weak players . I will get nothing of  them. After all that time I feel weak. It seems my days in game are about to end. I am busy and I lose desire and motivation to go further in the game .This post is not to bother flare, developers or even new players but it is to improve  the game and discuss the problems.  Royal Revolt 2 is one of the best games that I played last years. I really  appreciate their efforts in last update but there are some of things that need to improve and develop. @bigfastfox

Thanks all for your comments guys.

I can only say that that is indeed true @CATO. Sad, but true. Not a lot of stress to play at lower trophy range, I do that for a couple of reasons, most important one is to avoid stress.

When even Cromka complains, I would scratch behind my ears, if I was Flare. 

Offense was overpowered, that’s correct, but now it feels like completely the opposite. It’s too much at once, we even didn’t face bases completely maxed. New conquest boosts like snake tower, make it hard to raid with ogre, strange… we had to play dungeon to unlock the strongest troops, with one balance act plus extra boost, it’s just not the troop to use in offense any longer, when that snake tower is in a base.

What is keenflare thinking? That we can change troops all the time, depending on a base we raid? They don’t understand that some just use a combination and want to relax.

What a nightmare it must be when at that moment season boosts like double LT, or stargazer is active.

I agree, games must be fun, this actually is pure frustration. Losing against bases that before were easy to beat with more than a minute left is not funny.

Wait till next ninja event, those conquest boosts for sure will be added, in combination with stargazer. Also forget a lot of first places in ninja event.

I’d expect soon new troop and spell level as usual :wink: I don’t trust FG when it comes to ‘balancing’ in general. I admire those who still play at the top, that’s crazy to me nowadays, mid range is less stresfull and more adaptable.