What happened to actually being good at this game??

About 6 months ago when I was level 80 I remember watching videos of top Alliance members,  Flothaboss /Alikington and others on YouTube and thinking

"wow that’s smart, they are really good raiders,  I will try to learn from that technique "  

Now ALL skill is gone from this game.  

Its just about perks / more more more levels,  more more more gems on Uber Items etc etc. 

Defence - has been about perks for a long time now,  it’s either wait and build or gem and build then perk like crazy and you are done.  

Attack -  what skill does it take to raid if you have a Blizzard attack +16,000 from Uber Chest + Wolf Cape with 7,500 Attack &  Defence?? 

Totally pointless game now.  

Noobs got bOObs…!!! That is what happened. I hate this game now.

Those perks were made to counter-attack the forged top bases with boosts. Even with those high blizzard and wolf perks, without good skill, you can’t easily/constantly win top bases. Would you rather flare to put a cap on those uber items? so only lower level players (maybe under level 85) that can get the OP items to “bring the skill back” to the game??

Skill is still needed. Now even more.

But Ali, you have pointed it right, bad skills can be compensated with cash. Well, then, let them spend more cash. Cash is needed by flares to continue running this game. We, the mortals, will continue to improve our skills.

It’s much better feeling and much more satisfaction to do it by strategy and skill, instead of buying your way up. A game is for fun. Let’s have it :slight_smile:

Skill is still required, more than ever. You can use all your insta troops in one raid and still not make it. When to use them with minimal involvement (it is a strategy), or in other words, maximize your insta troops presence. Use of spells at the right time, calling your troops at the right time, running forward technique, all is a part of that strategy. But yes, you can circumvent those by paying cash (like all other games), but it does not make you the best player (whom everybody respects). It can only buy you a top position. But the truth will get revealed during the raids and wars when you cannot perform. Again buy your way (but how much?). Every time the lack of skills will show in raids against the equals. You ask top, medium, lower player (who are also best players) if skills are required or not? They will always answer in affirmative.  :slight_smile: