What happened to Chamber of Fortune?

Even when I get the third chest there’s only crap rewards now. No more gems, no legendary items, only crap.

About gems are maaaaaany month i don’t win them…

I’ve noticed that gems on third chest only appear when I lose. It must be another way of Flares telling me "Come on, spend some gems next time :grinning:

Once, in the far past I was rarely able to receive gems from the last chest. Still, it has occurred sometimes.

But since more than 2 months, i have never received gems in the last chest.

You can only see gems there when you fail.

Even 7 perfect CoF in a day and no gems.

But even in the Chambers that I don’t find the chests it’s rare to see gems and good items now. There’s no incentive at all to spend gems to open chests

I normally get vouchers or around 200k in the 3rd chest though I rarely get it

Yup , that is true . I used most gems that Aether give me to open all chest all day long . Only crapy gear , 4~10 pearl and 80~170k gold was given . Next day no open chest with gems and boom! 22/59 time there are gems in chest , lol



Like I said, only crap! 148k gold on the 3rd chest is a joke!


What’s the point on having luck to find crap rewards?

I’ve opened third chest some times lately and I’ve only gotten: around 140k gold or around 10 pearls. That’s ridiculous!

To get the gems in the 3rd chest is like u hit the lottery of 200million,can u hit it,then u can get the gems in the 3rd chest,if not forget about it,lol

i get enchanted armor worth 60k gold

in the third chest … gems from months

i never got them

yeah i was wondering, i never get anything good from chest really, but fail i see good stuff, i thought they game rigged, and it is, also i decidec to try to add android to see if i could get free stuff on my windows store account, was not able to, but i was able to start a new royal revolt and got over 800 gems in 2 hrs, the game is just trying to screw cash players




Remember when I made this post complaining that CoF is rigged? Still haven’t won gems in CoF since then  :angry:

+1 Here, I agree somehow CoF rewards are much lower than before? I thought I was the only one? I hope this issue can be fixed or looked into?

Yeah most obvious way to see the lowered rewards is the golf chests I never received like 120k gold in 3rd chest before blacksmith event



I am not aware of any changes in the CoF, and couldn’t try it much myself as I very rarely reach the 3rd chest…