What happened to Legendary Gem rewards in Legendary and Uber Chests

In the last 3 weeks (2 wars and one ninja) I have not earned ONE legendary gem reward from a total of 16 legendary chests. I go ZERO from my 12 Legendary Chests from ninja. That’s unacceptable. What did I get instead? Legendary Pearl rewards. 52, 51, 50, etc. This is awful, and really frustrating

I mostly got pearls too, although I did get some gems as well. Not sure why you wouldn’t be getting any.  :huh: 

Oh my goodness…it happened AGAIN! with my 12.5k Legendary I, again, got 2 legendary pearls, and a “legendary” bread award…62 bread. Do any of you have ANY idea how frustrating it is to gain 100 gems from the ninja event and then have a total of 15 gems gained from the war

Very frustrating. It will be interesting to see if other players are experiencing this as well. :open_mouth:

In the Official Announcements for the New Year, flaretara said we should be expecting some exciting stuff this year. I never expected it to be meant as all sorts of bugs and unfun crap from chests. lol, this really annoying flare, 50 pearls doesn’t even match up with 50 gems

bad luck to u my friend,i got legendary gems and legendary vouchers in one chest itself,in today’s war…every legendary chest gave me 49 gems and 52 vouchers and few pearls ,items…

Also in CoF there are nearly no gems any more …

Because this post I open all my war rewards (with 13k skull => up to 2 legendary chest) I got total 176 gems.

wow, nice. in 2 legendary chests you’ve gotten more combined gems than me in the last 3 weeks worth of chests from wars and ninja

Really, the wars isn’t the preposterous part, I didn’t ever get that many gems from wars. About 150 every time, but getting 100 from ninja is a bit frustrating, especially when you work your butt off trying to get it done in time

Just got lucky. There’s case when I got more vouchers and pearls than gems.

ps. I usually open all the rewards at once after the event ended (war and ninja). Not straight after receive the chest.

I’d love to have vouchers even. I rarely even get those. They would really help as I am attempting the Platinum League once again

Boost those farms.  :wink:  @AwesomestKnightest

Haha, yes, I am doing that as well :wink:

lol I got 700 gems from previous ninja and 240 gems from 3 legendary war chests

In the 11 legendary from ninja I get alot. But this war don’ think I got  single gem and I got 25k skulls so received most of the chests 

I get gems quite often, more often from legendary chests rather than ubers and from ninja chests, not war ones :slight_smile:

I usually use vouchers to buy food to battle too. Never had a chance to buy gems anymore (mine at 750 gems for 3750 vouchers). LOL

Keep your silo full to avoid getting food from chests (Your all five reward can he food even if u need only one bread to fill your silo, all food will go in vain.So better fill it up before opening). Also to remove the gold from chests you can keep your treasure chamber full too. It will help you. I hope you will get gems in next chests. Good luck. 

Yes, the bread “award” was my fault, I could’ve collected bread to refill. But keeping the Treasure Chamber full is a pain. I have no items to sell to get up that quickly, and as we all know, war opponents VERY rarely ever have good gold. But thanks for the suggestions @mLordPk