What happened to the Ascension Archer Pro Boost

We had the Ascension Archer boost and were spending gold to extend it. I kept it extended for 3 days just in case.

Today I just noticed that the boost is gone for no apparent reason. We didn’t even get a message that the boost ended.

Can someone explain what happened?

Maybe you did not score enough to unlock it again ?

We have to unlock it again? I though we just had to keep spending gold to extend it.

In the past there was an exploit that you could extend pro boosts without earning them again. So a team scored in an easy pro league level 3+ and then made sure not even to get level 1, so that they could keep the pro boost.

For keenflare this was not that attractive and certainly not the intention, since teams didn’t have to participate in pro league any longer.

A couple of months ago this exploit was fixed, if you want to keep a pro boost, you have to earn it again.

Thanks for the info

Is it the same for war boosts?

It is. When the war/conquest ends where you can regain a war/conquest boost and didn’t win it, that boost is gone.