What happened to the LSU Chests?

The Live Server Update Chests used to be awesome, filled with pro items/crystals, pals, guardians and gems.
However, for the past couple months, these chests are now filled with gold and 50 pearls, which is pretty disappointing.

How did they went from being possibly the best chests in the game, to being one of the worst chests in the game? Is this a bug?

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there are 2 kinds of LSU chests …

small one and big for a new Version
… the small one is for the weekly inspection, that is not very good :worried:

There’s only 1 LSU Chest (yellow) and there’s the Maintenance Chest (blue). There’s no big or small version.

LSU Chests used to be great (pro items/crystals, guardians, pals, gems) while maintenance chests are low content chests (5-8 gems, a bit of gold and pearls).
For the past couple months (since v5.2 maybe?) LSU chests have become really bad. All they got now is gold and 50 pearls.

This looks like a bug.

Can only confirm it. A while ago the maintenance chests always contained a few gems (6-8) and two other rewards. Nowadays it’s gold, pearls, low amount of vouchers and maybe an item.

Agreed my “special” yellow update chest had nothing but gold? I don’t need gold… very disappointing for sure.

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I’m not talking about Maintenance chests (blue chests). They were always “bad” chests (low value), so I don’t care much about it.

I’m talking about Live Server Update Chests (yellow ones). These were great chests and now they’re really bad.

Is this a bug?

Agreed it was useless. I was excited to see it then massively disappointed. Flare should not be greedy on major update chest?