What happened to the people?

Just wondering, when I first started, when my acropolis was in shambles, an no decorations of mine had been upgraded yet, I used to see people, walking around, possibly shopping, visiting the shrine, etc ?, now, my acropolis is beautiful, almost everything is upgraded, but no people to walk around to enjoy the fruits of my labor, well, they disappeared, now of course I realize, no real benefit as far as muscle ?, but I thought it was pretty cool to look at from time to time, I’d imagine it was my people, that looked to me for protection, ?:crossed_swords:?, is it this way with everyone? Has your people disappeared too?, if so, I wish they’d come back ?, thanks everyone, see you all on the battlefield :crossed_swords:???

In response to my own topic ?, some team members, just told me they still see and have people walking around, they said I do too, so maybe then my provider? Android, some one else said I need a stronger internet connection?, I guess I’m just unfortunate, because sometimes, even the little thing’s in this game, makes it nice, thanks everyone, ??

I do have people too and chances are, it is because of your device being too old/slow. Shouldn’t have anything to do with the connection speed whatsoever, those are fluctuating decorations and come with the game, instead of being controlled by servers.

yep, @Infamous is right. Usually that comes from a too weak graphic card not able to render all the stuff on the screen. When your acropolis was empty there was still enough power, now with all the decorations it is exhausted.

As mentioned by the other posters, this occurs because the game calibrates the graphics according to the speed of your device. If your device has slowed, it could be that the game has turned off a few graphical enhancements to ensure that your frame rate doesn’t drop below 20fps. The citizens are one of the enhancements which the gods ask to kindly stay in their homes if they are causing you speed problems.