What happened to UBER items in the UBER CHESTS?


       I tried to ask players and others how do we get Uber Chests, but nobody seems to have an idea? Do you?

I am not talking of decoding friends uber chest to get them, but how do we receive them or what triggers their receipt. 

There was a post that if somebody downloads the game and plays using your code you receive Uber Chest. That does not seem to work as one of my friends did that and I did not receive them.

Is this another one of the mysteries, which has no answer too? :blink:

Another fairy tale was the UBER ITEMS in UBER CHESTS. Players had enjoyed great items from the chests. Lately, it seems that FG has drastically reduced the contents in it. Anybody can support this statement?

really have no answer to it.


There are several ways, but since I expect a few of them to be illegal by flare rules.


Interesting is point 1.1

So creating a new account on another device or computer with purpose just to get an uber chest is violating this particular rule I guess. I don’t know if it could lead to a ban. Logically reasoning it’s illegal, flare doesn’t get 300 gems for this chest, since you get it for free.

Due to this uncertainty, I won’t use this way of getting an uber chest for free, but I bet a lot of players even don’t realize they violate a rule.

Another way is entering the uber chest code on Vouchers topics or somewhere on the internet in the hope that another player uses it. I only want to express that players should not throw away the new voucher friend player, but instead help the player somewhat in return.

I would love to see that flare would share their thoughts about this and tell us if this could lead to a ban or not. I expect a lot of players getting free chests this way, not even realizing they violate a rule.

But this helps to decode an already received Uber Chest.

What triggers the receipt of the Uber Chest?


Yes, that I want to know also. This morning I got an uber chest after sending my code to a forum elsewhere. The player who accepted had 600 trophies and was a very low player. I thanked him in friend chat and asked him if he needed help. If so, I would help him on his way to understand the game.

It’s the least I can do, it would be low and selfish to throw the account away immediately. So I will keep him in for a while. Only… there is a limit on voucher friends I guess. So in the end, flare forces us to throw some of them out, just for that uber chest.

Two of my friends started to play using the friendcode I posted on facebook, I have not yet received any Uber Chest. So this is really a required answer.

Should we only post on facebook when we receive an uber chest or we can also post so as to trigger the receipt of an uber chest? :blink:

An, Are those players that entered your uber code now voucher friends or not?

If not, could it be that you already have maximum voucher friends and a new one can’t be added any longer? I don’t know exact limit, 20 I guess. So if that’s the case, you have to throw one of the older ones out (Can friend him instead of voucher friend) and then try again.

Maybe that’s the logical explanation. Like I said, the person connected to me this morning had 600 trophies and seemed to be relative new to the game. I don’t have any active voucher friends at the moment (now I have one!). My daughter is inactive and others already quit playing. So please check that out.

Yes, they are. I don’t have many.

Is it that the voucher friends should reach a certain level to trigger the receipt of Uber chest? If that is the case, I can tell my friends to play till that level. 

It could be, but I don’t expect it. The person connected to me also only had 600 trophies. Will check his level when I am home.

If Devs would like to reply, please feel free.


you can have max 30 voucher-friends

That’s already great news. Then I have room for 29 more voucher friends :wink: . My original ones all are inactive.

But still waiting for the answer.  :lol:

And FG will earning 300 gems for 31st person. Lol.

And FG will earning 300 gems for 31st person. Lol.

You can receive friend uber chests by others and the way is by inviting new people sharing the code that the friend uber chests tells or by inviting with facebook option. 

And if nobody enters your code to open the friend uber chest then immediately right after another friend uber chest pops up to you as soon as the last one runs out of its cooldown. 

Instead if you’re lucky that someone opens your friend uber chest, to get another you have to wait 2 days around of cooldown before it pops up again.

Still… Some friends of An entered her code and started playing. They are in her voucher friend list, so why she didn’t get those uber chests?

I invited 3 of my friends to start playing by providing the friendcode on Facebook (not the uber chest code). They started playing and have also inserted the friendcode in the appropriate area after the tutorial, but I have not received the uber chest.