What happened with Flothaboss??

No video…no tutorials…   No activity at all…? Where is he? 

Being moved to an isolated server, where you play alone with no competition and unlimited resources, has it’s consequences.

Reminds me of the Tom Hanks movie Castaway  :wink:



I noticed that he not make any movies anymore about pro league for example, so I’m wondering if he still working for Flare…? 

The pro league cups are on repeat, so there are already videos up for them. They have changed little if at all since the last rotation.

Probably Flaregames dislikes a news leak about version 3.9.

He used to make money from his video. But he is now hired by flare. I don’t know how much or how many hours he is getting paid for. But, have a look at how many hours our community manager activating in rr2 forum per week. It’s easy to understand his situation. Maybe I am wrong.

Hello, I was sick for 2 weeks, this is why I couldn’t be active anywhere, I am back now tho :slight_smile:

welcome back man! Hope you feel better


Sorry to hear that FTB, hope you get better (if you haven’t already :lol:)

Were you sick or was your internet sick? :stuck_out_tongue:

Still doesn’t exclude the possibility that Flotha is GalaMorgane… *dun dun duuun*

Flothaboss ate my ice cream, so I killed him!

Welcome back mate… you are my Hero and because of you I am still playing this game…

Hey I posted something here before but seems like it was deleted … I did not offended any one and did not called names … why it was deleted ???

Because your reply was off-topic, just like this one.

You folks got your reply, Flo is back and fine now, therefore I’m locking this thread, before it goes off-topic again. ^_^