what happens if I don't open war chests rewards?



I am wondering can I open the chests that I win during war later on or they will disappear? like I mean after the war is over will they still appear or I have to wait until next war or they will be gone?



Hi Isa Al,


you can open the magic chests whenever you want, also after the war season is finished, they will never dissapear.



Yep, they stick around forever.  I have about 50 saved up currently and only use them when making a push for very expensive upgrades.


Request to flare - please move the dancing chest icon to the edge of the screen and make it stop dancing once you’ve opened the Magic Chests screen.  The current icon position obstructs visibility/usability.  As soon as you tap something to collect resources, RR2 centers the screen on what you tapped and the pop-up text comes up behind the dancing chest icon.