What Happens if I Remove a Perk in the Blacksmith's Workshop?

I have two perks that are useless to me. 

In the Blacksmith shop, I see an X I can click on and it asks:

Do you want to remove this perk?

If I do that does it automatically give me another random perk? 

Or do I have to upgrade three more times to get a perk?

You have to upgrade, and in my experience is a >75% chance you will get the same again … waste of gems and pearls.



Do you have to upgrade 3 more times?  Or just once?



You have to upgrade only once, but you need to have a successful upgrade.

If you remove it you would get a “?” in the extra perk slot .

You will need to successfully upgrade your item again to get a perk .

I dunno exactly the chance you will get a new perk but i guess the % to get the exact old one is around 80% .

The choice is your .

If u remove a perk from an item ; you get that perk again lol. Do now know what do you get after removing a perk?

No it’s meant to be completely random, but it’s clearly not.  Also, the chances of future successful upgrades goes down even further just to annoy their customer base even more.

i found sword better than what i have, but it has fire damage as second perk.

so, if i remove that, can i get some ‘useless’ perks instead as a SECOND one, like gargoyle health boost for example?

or will it always still be like fire, ice, poison, blunt ect as a second perk?

If you remove the left perk (second perk) you’ll get only the old usual bonuses (gold bonus, scream bonus, leadership, fire, etc) instead if you remove the right perk (third perk)  you can also get the new perks (luck, skull bonus, troops hp, etc)