What happens in this scenario?

I beat a dungeon for an item and when I was collecting it I realised (a bit late) that my inventory is full. But I collected it and looking in my gear and I see it there, with my total # of items increased (max as well). So I melted it and when I came back to my inventory screen the additional slot was retained and it even flashed like when you buy a new slot.

My question is this: is this a glitch to get more item slots for free or (more likely) did the game auto-buy an extra slot instead of telling me I have no room like with every other item everywhere else? I haven’t noticed if I had any gems deducted as I didn’t pay attention to the exact amount I have (which you don’t do for the most part) but knowing the game I may have gotten quite screwed here.

This is a long known “feature”, make sure you do every dungeon for a special item with a full inventory for a free extra slot.

Interesting. Wasn’t sure so I thought I’d inquire. Coolio. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it is a great way to obtain slots for free :slight_smile:

Do you know what happens if you buy an item in pro-shop when no inventory slots are free? Or when buying an item in a festival-shop with no inventory slots free?


Probably you will be informed that there is no free spot left and either you can buy one or remove old items to make room for new ones. 

Is it ALL of the dungeons or just the cave of crave goods ones?  If it’s all, I better fill 'em back up! ?


It’s for all items in the dungeons. Yea. I figured it out a bit late too. So make sure your inventory is always full before battling   one that gives an item. @KingThunderbolt4

ok, thanks! I thought I read it was only in the crave goods caves, but i’ll keep this in mind!