What happens, when you have no free slot and get a new item?

I read, that you get a free new slot (not paying for with gems), if you have no unoccupied one and recieve a new item in the dungeon.

Does anybody know, what happens in these other cases? E.g. does your item “vanish”?


You have no free slot and get a new item from:


  • Chamber of Fortune

  • war chest

  • granny (buy one)

  • did i miss another way of getting one?


Thank you.


You will be asked either to sell that item or buy another slot. I think only in dungeons you can get a free slot.

And if you see an item in chest but you have no free spot, you can close the chest window, make a spot and come back to grab that item, however if you opened a chest and didn’t claim all rewards, after loging out from the game that opened chest with  unclaimed rewards will disappear.

Thank you, mag. Unfortunately i already got a lot of items in the dungeon. Bet there are still some left :slight_smile:

I read somewhere this trick don’t work anymore with the update 2.0.0 I don’t know if is true or not

I will test it tomorrow, if i don’t forget. :grinning:


Tested it, and got a free inventory slot, so it still works.

Yes, it still works :slight_smile: