What has happened to cursed items?

Have you guys (devs) removed cursed items from purchased chests?

i have purchased a magnitude of green chests … not a single cursed item

i just purchased 10 blue chests out of curiosity … not a single cursed item

what the hell is going on here?!

are you guys trying to take anything that’s decent OUT of the game



Yeah they were removed last week. We get more regen items now. It’s a pretty good trade. 

really? is there an official anouncement to this? i got a cursed item from a green chest yesterday, i think. but bad values and i open way more than 10 green chests the last days…

I haven’t seen any info posted on changes, so when you say they removed them last week, are we talking about the game in general … removed from all purchased chests … only available in certain purchased chests

whats the go!


im really getting turned off this game

most likely only available in higher gem chests … another ploy for you to keep spending 

No it was a joke.

finding them is luck, just like always. 

Haha … you’re a clown! 

Its bad enough with all these changes, and you’re still trying to gee me up