what I hate about PL...!!!


That’s why i’m only buying pro-chest with my crystals. Got plenty of usefull item that never was in the shop. Like that bomb aura ring thingy.

I kinda like it. If it changed too often and each time would offer nice items, I would be stressed that I’m not going to get enough crystals to afford them :grinning:

I believe it only changed two times ever since it started… surely you must agree there could be some better middle ground than what we currently have.

I got all the pals and items from shop and spent like 150k crystals on chest which are mostly uber items treats and pearls lol.

Bought 12 today got 4 pro (cape and boot that we always get over and over) items 0 tickets 0 gems 10 ubers rest just pal and pearl 

Its not useful anymore… Try it. Its either bugged or got nerfed so hard they might as well remove it  -_-

Did it yesterday, got 2 pro items. But there is a catch, the chest you buy are not the same as the one you get when you do an event. They behave a bit like the free legendary you get with videos vs the one you get at the ninja/war events. They are the same color, but not the same quality.

You’re lucky then, because I’ve bought 6 chest in the past two weeks to get nothing but pearls and pal food…

I think a monthly change would be good, along with the monthly awards. 

Even if they rotate between what they already offered it would be better than it is now.

Lots of food and pearls, why bother we with pro league once the boost is unlocked.

The Pro Shop changes with every update (major one, not bugfix ones). Pro Shop has some items, and some take time to get it, ofc not all end in the top bracket or cannot afford to enter every league. The highest value item in shop is Ceres, if you were to earn 3k crystals per league, about rank 500, it would take 2 months of constant PL play. So imo its fine. Crystals can be accumulated till then. :slight_smile:

So it will take a major update for changing  :blink: :open_mouth: <_<…Atleast they should have given a official announcement regarding this… Bad

Just put some Aura rings in next pro league…

If you buy chest you got crap items…

Major freeze is happening at some of the levels

yep i saw that

I’ve bought 40 pro league chests and got 2 pro items from them, no tickets either.

Just once there’s case when I bought 3 pro chest (7500) and got 2 free tickets from them.

The other free tickets I got from chest pro league rewards (this is rare too).

Don’t u guys need crystals to donate Phoebe’s for the alliance for example?

Now the freezes happening in the PL.

Can FG explain are we playing to increase our already stressed life or for relieving it?

exactly, i am this kind of player and i hope they’ll let ceres here for another round caus im a 2000 crystal njow son ill need 2-3 more week to get ceres… By the way, is ceres really worth this 25000 or its better to buy some chest and get more pearl? i already have aska and the omega ring?

Go for ceres