What if we have visit our alliance kingdoms and can help to make the "reduce building time"

In some online or facebook game that I found i can visit our friend lands/farms and and can reduce a few his/her building times.

What do you think… If this game have ?

You mean like Castle gate in Facebook? You visit friends and help them speed up improvements. In castle gate you have limited actions on the visiting kingdom.

I like the idea, but doing visits on all friended players would take lot of time. Maybe nice to add this feature to voucher friends.

Can i visit them in Castle gate ?

Sorry man i don’t know, i only play with android (Samsung).

by the way, you’re right if add to voucher friends.

I remember Castle gate from yours ago. There it was possible to speed up things for friends. For voucher friends it would be welcome, it would also stimulate players to get more voucher friends. I had 4 voucher friends, 2 already quit so now I only have 2 left.

Since I get enough vouchers from chests, I am honestly not looking for new voucher friends. With this option I definitely would throw my code on the forums.

It will also lead to new ways to gain that mechanism.