What if we have Weapon or Gear item giving system for Alliance member

Hello guys , I have some idea.

What about if this game can give the weapon gear item for another alliance member to improve our alliance ability.and get some few voucher or gem(lol).

Many have had this idea before and everyone’s been told that this shouldn’t happen because low players would improve insanely rapidly…

Let’s see what this new troop donation update brings to the game. To even think about that possibility. Although it was discussed in some threads before, the new update will either renew the debate or put a period to it. 

am did any of you guys got the new update

don’t think about this new update right now. Its far to be ready perharps not before June or July. Flaregames must work on 2.2.0 maybe for a long time. People talk about this update but I’m sure its not before a long time. I guess its a big update and need to be tested and flaregames need time to look for bug and if all work perfectly on each platforms,etc… I prefer they need 2 or 3 month more than have it right now full of bug,problem and some weird stuffs.

2 or 3 months by time then my team will fall because of all those hard alliance that my team can’t beat…




It is pretty standard in most games.  

It could be implemented with an upgrade cost or penalty that’s pretty high.

Perhaps with a cap of level. by example if a members is level 25 you can only give him weapon level 1 to 30 not more. the same thing with others equipment

If the members its level 90 you can only give to him items between 1 and 110 and not 115,120 or 130

that way you help them and don’t allow someone to be overpowering in just one click