What influences the speed of forming dragons?

The total number of mages nearby is one of the factors: more mages = faster dragon formation

The attack speed matters too: higher attack speed = faster dragon formation


But what about the damage? Does forging the Froster’s damage increase the speed of forming a Dragon?

And are there any other factors?

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I never play dragons by whole my being in game

but the main thing about transformation is a pushing the dragonmaker?

Frosters are pretty good right now against top defenses, so it’s important to know what influences the speed of getting dragons. 


Does anybody know for sure if forging damage will get you dragons faster? 

Weirdly it seems like the answer is no  :huh: 
more damage doesn’t seem to mean faster dragons.

After some quick tests with normal Froster’s damage VS Froster with damage increased by 5 perks, the result for the dragon spawning time was just the same, even though boosted damage Frosters destroyed more towers and killed more waves  :huh: :huh: :huh:

And all the times there was a small difference on the spawning time, usually by -2 or -3 seconds,
it was always the Frosters without damage perks that spawned the dragon faster  :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh:

I forgot to mention the level of war boost (in the case of frosters and pyromancers) and of pro boost (in the case of paladin).

For Dragofroster the answer is no because froster don’t have a perk for up the attack rate. However about Dracomancer the answer is yes. if you forge the attack rate your chance to form a dragon is more faster because your pyromancer will attack more faster. Exactly the same principe than Paladin. If you forge max their attack rate you will form stun dragon more faster than if you don’t forge it.

Also remember during Dragon boost to use Start morale. Start morale allow you to summon more units faster so more dragon.

Start Morale + Attack Rate + Damage = More Dragon (Last time i have play with dragon in 2017 I have summon 20+)

its the key

PS : Remember also to let’s them destroy all to up the bar more faster. Don’t destroy anything or you slow them