What is 30% equivalent to?

30% of how much? What is the reference? Who could explain to me, how can I know if a 30% change in this case is better than for example a score that does not work with percentage? I am afraid to make a 30% change for the change of 3,000 health. How do I know what 30% equals? I don’t know if I explain myself. Please, if someone can explain to me. Not only in this change, I mean any kind of changes in the hero, for changes in the pro league store that goes to%. We would need to know what the punctuation cap of any weapon is, to know what a% is equivalent to? What is the value? Thank you. :wink:

Hi @rebeka I think it says 30% of chance of getting this item if u want to replace existing one. It’s not 30% more of something it is just chance percentage.

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Ah if it’s true friend, I no longer remembered that it was the possibility of 30% to leave when it came to change. I imagine that there is no value in% damage, for example a 40% pain glove having this for a 2,300 pain. I imagine this does not exist. This is what I wanted to say, but in the example of the image, I did not remember that in this case of the image, what I wanted to say does not apply. I imagine there is no damage or life shown with%. Ok, thank you friend for clarifying this. I don’t think there is a sword with 20% pain and forging. I imagine that all this goes for 2300 pain for example and not%. I was confused. Thanks friend.

That means that among all the perks you can get from reforging…

Health Perk has a 30% chance to be obtained.

About % chances on item perks… It really depends. Examples:

  • PerkHeroScreamTroopSpeed Hero Scream Troop Speed: A percentage here would be an increased movement speed on your units upon using scream
  • image Fear chance (e.g.: Aion’s Scepter ): On every weapon strike, there’s a chance to fear your enemy.

and so on…

I hope at least this helped a bit overall :wink:

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Yes friend, it is already clear. The saint went to heaven. It is already clear. You throw me away and I was doing a bad example. I wanted to refer to a change of 30% damage, instead of having 1200 damage, and I thought … 30% pain, is it more than 1200 pain? Do i make the change? but I was wrong, because these percentages, I think it exists, if there is pain per second, but not as I was referring to. My head went out in the picture, since what you see is as you said, it is the possibility that I will get that change. And what I mean in the text does not exist. I thought I saw it in a weapon or maybe, I dreamed it. LOL. Thank you. Then I delete this topic friends. :wink:

There’s no need to delete the topic, it’s on the right place after all: “Players helping players”.

The community shouldn’t be only to complain, but to help each other :grin: