what is chances for a lvl 72 player to defeat above 88 level players?

title says it all

Is the 72 level in a boosted alliance? If so it can easily be done. I’m level 101 and have taken level 114 before with close to a minute left.

we have boosted knights only.

What did he attack you with and was his troops boosted?

If you only have boosted knights, then it can be a walk in the park. Also when the raider only has boosted knights, it can be done. Boosted knights can break through tough barricades with ease, they beat down any tower except LT and firebolt. There the raider needs spells for to take them down.

But when your defense is full with high skull towers, combined with LT with extended range and your defense is filled with lots of ranged troops plus choke points, the odds are decreasing fast that it’s likely that someone can beat you with only boosted knights. I don’t say it’s impossible, but a good raider can beat most bases with strong boosts and perks.



Check it and laught with me)

Cromka, How many speed items is that?

boosted alliance = +++ chance to win


so not me lol ?

thanxx for the replies btw I am now level 75 . And just defeated level 101 ? in war with knights and gargoyles an canons . His base has stunning orges and barricades only … And cromka your raid was awesome .

it seems cromka you have 100% speed boost

King levels above 100 are as good as maxed kings, then it completely depends on boosts you have. Having studied economics, it is a bit like a curve, a hero level 30 can even beat 50 since defenses aren’t great. As you reach 70 probably only king level +8 higher. It is diminishing returns, subdued till 90-95 and then it totally depends on your alliance boosts, king level does not matter. Sure there are some exceptions.

I don’t agree at +8 for level 70s I normally raid player from 80-89 without much difficulty( obvio not every base?) and there are level 65-70 players who raid upto level 80s during wars .

It does depend on boosts, I remember I started beating level 95 players from level 75 I think, lot of failures - definitely. The thing is you will be able to beat strong level 95 bases from level 88-90 onwards. Strong in the sense that solid path design, strong waves and upgraded towers, to an extent even a few forges.

It also depends a lot on the target base. Some of them are very badly planned. Then your chances are very high.

Near 90%

3 speed is a key here

and his base was crap(it was before level+1),true too,it didnt work againts top 10)


its just funny video,many guys make same with only monks,or only 1 other troop

It also depends a lot on the target base. Some of them are very badly planned. Then your chances are very high.

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Cromka1,  you use 17k leadership + 90% speed?