What is flare's obsession with Kaiser?

Every single festival fight has Untamed Kaiser as the beast. And then I go and watch Opelle’s video on the new 1000 Gem Dungeon and what’s the beast? Untamed Kaiser

Fest bases are just copied from player’s bases, and majority put Kaiser to reduce gold loss as not all care about losing trophies. :grinning:

Lately I see mostly this polar bear critter (caption sez Tammy tho). So although there actually are some Kaisers it’s hardly a one beast show. Or maybe I’m in not high enough tier to get only him.

The Polar Bear is the Armistice Bundle thing. You can make beasts white. Not every battle in my trophy range is Kaiser, but about 80% are

Like mentioned above, the festival bases are copies of real player bases. At lower trophy range, I would say below 4k, many use the Kaiser beast to protect a bit of their gold, cause they still have a lot of things to max

I don’t think they use the Kaiser beast because of the gold protection.

I think they use it because for low-mid alliances, unlocking the Kaiser beast is easier compared to most beasts (certainly easier than Aki or Eldrak). That means they’re faced with choosing Kaiser beast lvl 1 or Tammy/Howl lvl2. So they tend to choose Kaiser.


Unfortunately, Kaiser is one of the easiest beasts to deal with. A single heal/shield completely nulifies Kaiser’s special.

My alliance haven’t unlock Kaiser yet. ?