What is "... has invested in the kingdom?"



I am wondering when I see that a friend has invested in the kingdom what does it mean? today is the first time I get that message in for the voucher friends I have and I earned around 200 vouchers for that weirdly. so what did the player do?

Good question i’m asking me too if it is related to something real money donation  or other things.

It means they purchased gems

Well, then my only ingame voucher friend will really hate me. Cause i never buy gems…

Thanks !



FlareJack must love me. I’ve bought 80,000 gems )=

Hi Isa Al,

Everytime my Voucher Friend made an extra donation to his Alliance,

I always received 60 to 200 vouchers from him.


Actually guys, It means when one of your friend has purchased a premium granny deal using GEMS… you will see this message !!!


You get around 40-60 vouchers depending on the Gems your friend has invested in the Granny Shop. Vouchers count may vary but that message is triggered when ever someone in your friends list buys.


Hope it is clear now for all of you !!!





On a second thought, in contradiction to me, my voucher friend is one of the heaviest gem-buyers in the game and lately he has donated huge sums to build an alliance.


But to this day, except his twice level-upping 53 gems, I have never received a single voucher for him. Something fishy is going on in the kingdom of Denmark.



You never received any vouchers from him? Your doomed man!!!

Maybe Flare was cursing you…lol

I don’t have a clue how voucher system works and honestly, I don’t even bother.


I constantly see messages from people that should earn vouchers for me are leveling hero level up, winning tournaments and so on. One of them even spends gems like water, but vouchers are only seldom rewarded. Players connected to me should have gotten vouchers from me, did extra donations, spended gems on items, gold shields and so on.


Not that I really care for vouchers, I can live without them. For me they can just remove that functionality completely, not really usefull and meaningless to me.


I would be curious what the highest amount of vouchers is that a player currently earned in total since the introduction. I got 150 for the first player connected (immediately wasted by accidental click on a landscape) and 180 for the rest in total, some earned as rewards from magic chests. Totally not interesting, I think Flare would do a lot of players a big favor by removing the voucher system.




You are probably right. Flares hate me, so they have spelled a curse on my user…


There is another possibility though. Maybe this voucher system does not work for Windows users. So, I’m doomed again. Hahaha.


Not fair! Flares! You were cheating all the time! I want my honestly earned vouchers! My voucher friend has built a 35-members alliance using gems in just a week or so. This should be worth thousands of vouchers. I am so doomed by flares… My day is ruined. Flares hate me so much. Why was i posting against them? Maybe I’ll send some flowers to the flares office to make up. :slight_smile:

@edward i think there is a limit u can earb voucher from ur voucher friend

If im correct it is 2k voucher per friend

You can collect max 1.000 vouchers from your voucher-friend. Then you have to find a new player.

Gentlemen, what are you talking about? 1,000? 2,000?


I got 150 vouchers x2 level-ups for him. That’s all. Total 300 vouchers…



just to clarify the original question of this thread:


The message “has invested in the kingdom” means that a Voucher-friend of yours has bought a gem-package in the store. And for that you earn Vouchers. Not for donating into an Alliance or buying something from the granny.


That is also explained in the patch-notes thread (http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/6218-update-190-dragon-boosts/):


Voucher Rewards:

  • Players will receive vouchers from a Voucher-friend if the voucher friend purchases GEMS.


Hope that clarifies the situation.




Thanks Felix for the clarification.

Also, yesterday at last, I began receiving vouchers for this friend.


Is there some notification for that?  :huh:


is it guaranteed? or is it like those sometimes 0 vouchers when voucher-friends level up? 

Cause I got only the “has invested in the kingdom” message, no vouchers!  <_< 

Lol, Darkerion, now you are doomed… :slight_smile: