What is the balance in the war?

The balance in the Alliance Wars is totally off! All the players of our Alliance ‘Shield and Sword’ (Щит и Меч) are outraged by the complete lack of balance in the matching system for the Alliance Wars! We have had three wars so far, and in every single one our Alliance faced against Seal and Red Squadron alliances. Both of these are impossible for us to win against. Why is it impossible? Because even if all of our members participate in the war (to this moment 34 members out of 40 have participated), we are unable to even remotely beat these two alliances.

These two top alliances have many more players that can use 3 heroes (Prestige level 19). This creates an imbalance that is completely impossible to overcome. So why is it that we are consistently matched with players we cannot possibly beat? - This is obviously not accidental, since we faced Seal and Red Squadron 3 times in a row. We keep losing torches, but our rivals don’t change! - Is the matching based on torches? Cannot be, as we are in the 12th place, playing against alliances number 2 and 5. The only alliance we could have a chance against in this war (the octopus temple, number 15) is located diagonally on the war map and is unreachable! - Is the matching based on alliance level? But we played against alliances of level 45 when we were level 36, and now when we are level 41!

This balance is completely off. For three wars in a row we are matched with opponents we cannot possibly defeat. This destroys all interest in the game for all the members of our alliance, and, we are sure, of other alliances, too. Our alliance refuses to spend money on the game until the Alliance War matching makes sense! We also encourage the members of other alliances to do the same. In case this topic is removed by the developers, we will send this message to the generals of the neighboring alliances. Sincerely, MrSinner Alliance ‘Shield and Sword’ (Щит и Меч)

Dear administration! I fully support the disturbance MrSinner! try to support all players in the alliance and ask all possible to open the third hero, spends it for five thousand crystals to at least as it get to the leaders of the war. now there is a third war and your enemies selection surprises! a constant struggle with the seal plug, all these players are not of our rank, not to mention the fact that you picked up today we TOP1 and TOP15 enemies. And tell me what is the interest of the players will participate in the war, if there is no such balance. we ask you to do the normal balance in the war, thereby collecting the enemies in those who are close to the top. or for those who are close by torches. Otherwise it lost complete interest to act in such a battle, thus can be large differences in clan, even to the exclusion of players. Make already this that either. Sincerely MaKSoNiyS    “ЩИТ И МЕЧ”

 The photo shows a war between TOP1 and TOP15.

I dont think its right that they simply open up the third hero as some ppl have spent a lot of money to acquire it… that being said i’d like to see players who haven’t reached lvl 19 prestige to atleast have a chance of working towards a goal that gives them the 3rd hero for a war… now i dont know wat that is but im sure some ppl out there can think of something thats fair for both parties :slight_smile:

I am a member of the alliance “Щит и Меч”. I fully support the words of Mr. Sinner!
I do not understand how the balance of the war! Even the first time we have had to fight with the Union’s top 3, while 8 positions! We had a much smaller torches! We had a lower level of the alliance! We had a much smaller cups! Why do we have to fight against them 3/3 of the war ?! Why not voyuyuet Seal with an equal rival power? As the top 1 Alliance met with the top 18 alliance ?!
I lost interest to play your game!

As these alliances have faced in the war ?! Balance system is not working or Seal MUST fight with weaker enemies? 

a fair balance is when the opponent selection occurs torches. Here is an example: 1-2-3-4 place torches play each other. 5-6-7-8 play each other. 9-10-11-12 play with each other. and the balance must always be preserved. it will be fair for all. Losers alliances will fall into the other groups where they are stronger. thus Reting by torches will show the real strength of the alliance !!! and if we play 5 more games Alliances much stronger than we are, we descend in the ranking is much lower than the one we actually stronger. This is already noticeable. see rating !!! we torches in 12th place. let us play 11 9 10 and place on fire! and we will take the 1st place !!!

Many have already begun to suspect that the “seal” plays in the administration of the game… 

I highly doubt that this is on purpose… matchmaking just needs to be tweaked. The top 2 rewards are nice but they only make for a minor boost to defense so ur claims there are ridiculous

I ask a petition, but in my place would have done so each.

We were silent the first war. Silent second war, although the situation has not changed. But when the third war, it was the same - it is already too

We did not deign to answer about the balance?

i am pretty sure its random to a point , and yes 3 times is a row is bad luck,  but really all 3 times red and seal were different ranks. so you did not fight same rank alliances everytime.  keep fighting and keep getting chest  after awhile like any game you will level up and have 3rd hero too

At this time, we have strengthened the union and have invested a lot of money (3 characters). I have nothing against our rivals, I am against such a balance. Would you be in my place, it is also matured. Because even at 100% of the activity we do not need to fight. If nothing changes, we will not spend the money more. And the call for a strike other

It’s another evidence of the unbalanced war. Our active members keep leaving after each war. With some reinforcements from lower ranked Alliances, which were almost death, we had 40 members for this week. However, many of them can’t engage because the enemy defenses are too strong. We met DemonicMaster in the first war and Worldend in the second war, all of 8 Alliances was in top 15. We got the 3rd position last war because “Ruscorp was eliminated”.

Hi guys,

Thanks for all your feedback on this. We have been paying close attention to matchmaking and have already made improvements for the next War. We will continue making improvements as long as we believe it necessary.

To make it more fair and balanced, i would suggest war blessings shouldn’t be activated during war battles, hence the cost for those blessings would be reduced a bit. 

Make matchmaking that depend of rating. It will be good! 

Yes, I think that you did it very well. We got a war between 20 players and 35 players of other Alliances. How can 85% of 35 equal to 20?

The game matches Alliances with a similar amount of Torches to fight against each other in the War. It does not take into account how many members those Alliances have.

The initial Torches which every Alliance got when the Alliance Wars feature was introduced was determined by the total number of Trophies of their members. So if you had many members with high Trophies, you also got quite a lot of Torches.

If you win a war, you will gain Torches. If you lose a war, you will lose Torches. This means: If you are strong, you will get stronger opponents in the next war. If you are not so strong, you will get weaker opponents.

The matchmaking can temporarily get a bit “out of balance” when (for some reason) many members leave an Alliance, so that they are actually weaker than in the last war. If they then lose a war, they will also lose Torches which will allows them to get matched against weaker Alliances in the next war. So it balances out automatically. Of course, the same is also possible for an “underdog” Alliance which doesn’t have many Torches but somehow manages to gain many new members between Wars. If they win, they will gain Torches and face stronger opponents in the next war.