What is the best defense you have ever seen?

What is the best defense you have ever seen? I would like to know your opinion. The main reason is after many days, my opponents have found my defense´s weakness and easily broke through it :/. I want to change, but I don´t know what kind of defense to choose.

Btw my base currently is the L base. I have tried staircase base too, but it didn´t work :((

Think out of the box. Staircase & L Bases are very common so the opponent knows what is coming. Keep changing your design once in 10 days or so. It also depends on the boosts. I currently have boosted cannons & arblasters so I am going in with this design, a mix of staircase & chokepoint -


This base is doing wonders for me. Do not copy bases, it has to be your own invention. Certain bases are very popular but you need to adjust according to your units & towers.

I can’t decide on any base because I’ve seen a lot of good defenses. What I love about my base is that the design is original, but after that I don’t think it’s that good.

All bases are good and all can be beaten.

The thing with the designs is if your units and waves and towers are not up to the mark, they become useless.

maybe you can choose a design that best suits your max. Towers.


It depends both on your towers and units. If you rely on your units to deal a lot of damage, a chokepoint base must be used. Again, it depends on units, there is a separate design for storm cannons. If you rely on towers with boosted ogres & wolves, a staircase base would be deadly.

i think ed’s base is a good one