What is the deal with Inactive player? I can attack them

  1. This player is inactive… So shouldn’t inactive players be hidden from the search list?..

Pic 1: Big Bird guy is inactive and yet he is shown in the search list.

  1. When I press on his view profile icon (marked with red arrow in pic 1), his ‘attack’ option is greyed out… That means I can’t attack him, which is fair…

  1. However, when I click on ‘attack’ from the search list (marked with yellow arrow in pic 1), I can attack him…

The things I don’t understand are

I. If the person is inactive, why is he shown in the search list?

II. If the person is inactive, why am I able to attack him? (Yes, I attacked him and received the win gold and medals)…

III. Why is it that I can attack him from search list but not from his profile? If I am not allowed to attack him, shouldn’t both the locations’ attack button be greyed out?.. If I am allowed to attack an inactive guy, shouldn’t I be able to do so from both the locations?..

I am currently posting this under ‘players helping players’, but if someone says it’s a technical error, I’ll move the topic under ‘bug and technical issue’

This looks like a bug to me.

If the player is inactive, the attack button on the global leaderboard should also be inactive.

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I have forwarded this to the team, once I have feedback, I will sure to write it here!
Thank you!