what is the fast and best way to kill paladin waves?

always that i found a enemy with a lot of paladin waves i lost by time , it’s a nigthmare to kill them all and i cannot finish to kill one wave when another come.  i lost tons of time

there is some spell o counter for these paladin waves?

If enemy has a lot of paladins use Toxic Cloud, that’s the only situation when this spell is useful.

yeah but toxic cloud is not good for tower , you can deal with a wave full of paladins (eight paladin at max) with high level bladestorm or sonic blast.Blazing knights and mortar do the job effectively too  :grinning:

I’m guessing that the topic starter is a low to mid level player. When I was in that range I used toxic cloud myself to get rid of those paladin waves. That was, as Fii said, until I upgraded bladestorm to a decent level, at what point that spell was the way to go.

Any spell will do fine. All you have to is damage them a little, then let your units pick them off.

I would recommend having some ranged units in your raiding party each time. Typically, once you wound the paladins, ranged units can kill them without taking a hit.

Paladin die very fast to poison and normal attack if i remember correctly. Depend what spells and units available to you, but toxic cloud, knight will kill them. Bladestrom and mortals kill them too if they are available to you.

do some damage to them and keep on going…leave it for your units from the back to finish them off (same as what sentinel said).

In your spell usage use “TOXIC CLOUD” and in your troops take “MORTAR” along with you. 


Thus, Mass Paladin killed :slight_smile:

Another thing worth trying might be ogres. High level ogres can quickly kill high lvl paladins, as they can hit a whole wave with each of their mighty blows, while they are themselves resistant to the paladins’ blunt damage. 

Major thankies for the article post.Much thanks again. Fantastic. Angert

Toxic cloud works fine against Paladins. But i dont prefer it because i have to do other towers and barricades and other units too.

Putting a mortar in your Troop help you up to certain extent but they are also slow and may not comeup when you really need them. So i prefere mummy because of its instant spawn and poisning damage and stun effect.

If you have a decent leadership try it.

Holy Paladins or normal? Holy Paladins only heal when they attack, so i guess mortar+blizzard should do the job. Normal is not that strong, I use Bladestorm. 

How to kill high level holy paladin ? I am level 79 player and use 11 level blizard (+ 4 times pearl boosted) yet I faced a opponent on whose holy paladin this much stronger blizzard didn’t work mostly I use mummy to tackle it ( it stuns them so they don’t heal, so I can kill them while they are stunned) but still it consumes time and am timed out. So, is there a way to kill holy paladin’s in one strike of some spell ?!?

Easy to answer to kill them use like all the other units in this game. Weakness

Weakness give you always advantage in Battle try to use them during a raid. To kill paladin or holy paladin use Blizzard + Froster their weakness of Ice make them weak

for me : Heal + Swordrain + Blizzard

Heal : Refull HP of you and yours units

Swordrain : Kill all easily during a raid : Ogre,Stunning Ogre,Arblaster,Froster,Pyromancer,Knight,Mortar,etc…

Blizzard : Slow all tower and units + do huge damage against Blocade and Skull Towers and many players use Werewolf

Blazing Knight : at level 12 + if you have level 37 alliance for level 8 Elite Boost + Boost them at +12 or more with +10% Speed.If you have 12k or more Leadership that allow you to summon like 70 knight or more in less than 1 minutes

Froster : People said froster is not good in offense but for me they are really strong at level 10

third slot depend of the base : Canon,Pyromancer or Power Archer

From my own experience:

My frosters slaughter paladins. In such a base i use my initial morale only or mostly for frosters. Of course i have them at high level, otherwise it won’t work.

Later in the raid when i’m running in front of my troops, i use mummies and spwan them in front of paladin groups. Leveling mummies in the dungeon is a priority.

Another way to deal with them: Sonic blast and run through them. Even boosted paladins die, because they can’t heal by hitting you. Leveling sonic blast is a high priority.

frosters and mummies. Mummies kick holy paladin ass

Blizzard. Boosted knights cut through them like hot knife through butter. 

Paladins are useless at higher levels so don’t invest heavily trying to counter or upgrading them.